Limited Edition Halloween Walmart Beauty Box Unboxing

Hi everyone,

Today I have a different unboxing, a Halloween beauty box. I haven’t done a holiday beauty box unboxing before so when I saw this I knew I had to buy it. This box comes from Walmart Beauty and you may or may not know that after the spring Walmart Beauty Box they decided to take off the summer to revamp the box. So I guess this is the intro to that relaunch, although I did get an email a few days ago saying that this week I’m going to charged for the fall box, so the fall boxes are coming. This box in particular cost me $10.00, which is double the price of the normal WBB, and came with a little pamphlet that gave a description of each of the items. I got to choose between two, both had the same base items but one came with an eyeliner and the other with a lipstick. I chose the eyeliner option because I knew I would get more use out of it and I haven’t worn a drugstore eyeliner in years so I wanted to try one out.

The box itself is all white with a white Walmart logo on the top and it’s white on the inside as well. Because this is the Halloween box I was hoping for a pop of orange, black or purple or even some festive tissue paper.


IMG_6480 (1)

The first item we have in this box is the Splat Hair Chalk in Midnight Blue. This is basically hair dye but not, you take pieces of hair, lightly spray with hair spray, open the color compact, close it around the hair and slide it down your hair. Depending on how dark you want the color to be you can go over the already colored pieces of hair. And to set it just spray more hair spray. I haven’t used anything like this since I was a kid, but it’s a quick and easy way to get color into your hair, the Splat Hair Chalks come in a variety of colors, and once you’re over the color it washes out easily. 


The next item we have is a Neutrogena Makeup Remover Towelette. This is a single, but you can get this individually wrapped towelettes in a bag of 20. I always keep these on hand, the fact that they’re individually wrapped makes it easy to keep in your handbag, which I do, and I also really like these for taking off swatches because they get all the makeup off. 


Moving on we have a Revlon ColorStay 16 Hour Eyeshadow quad. This is the product that confused me when I saw it. On the website and in the pamphlet it shows a purple quad, to me it looks like 510, Precocious, but what I actually received was 500, Addictive, a neutral/brown quad. If this is a Halloween box the purple makes perfect sense, but I’m not sure how you would get the same effect with neutrals/browns. I also haven’t worn Revlon eyeshadow since I was in junior high, so I couldn’t tell you now how these shadows are going to perform. Normally I would do some swatches, but I’m going to give this to someone and I want it to be fresh for them. 


Next up we have the Hard Candy Stroke of Gorgeous Liquid Eyeliner in 1807, Black To Basic. This is a matte eyeliner that says it’s easy to apply, mess free and dries down quickly. I’ve only tried Hard Candy lipsticks and nail polishes, so I’m interested to try this out and see how it performs. This has a nice tip on it and it seems like you could easily do thick or thin liner. I saw that this liner comes in different colors, so if I like it I might look into the other shades. 



Moving on we have the Milani Strobelight Liquid Highlighter in 06, 24K Gold. When they say gold, they mean gold. I do like liquid highlighters and when I saw this I was interested because I haven’t tried one from Milani. I think for me this might be a little too gold, but the formula seems nice and when the light hits it it is quite pretty. 




The second to last item we have is the NYX Shout Loud Satin Lipstick in Red Haute. I’ve heard great things about the NYX Satin Lipsticks and based on the swatch I can see why. This is a really pretty shade of red and seems to be nicely pigmented. It claims to deliver up to four hours of hydration in one swipe, which I’ll be looking for when I wear it. All of the Shout Out Loud satins are infused with mango and shea butter and have a heart stamped into them which I think is adorable. 





And the last item we have is a Sinful Colors nail polish. This is the second thing that I saw that confused me. On the website and in the pamphlet it shows what looks to be a deeper sparkly red polish, maybe Sugar Sugar, and that’s one of the things that drew me in. But the polish I got was 852, Gogo Girl. I do like this polish, in fact I own this polish and it’s on my nails right now. It’s a nice shade of red and like the other Sinful Colors polishes it wears well. 



That about wraps it up for this post, overall I think it was alright. I was disappointed by a few things, but I’m really interested to see what the revamped seasonal boxes look like. 

Until next time, enjoy your products and have fun creating Halloween looks :). 


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Fall Walmart Beauty Box Review

Hi everyone,

Today I’m back with another Walmart Beauty Box, this time Fall. I did skip the Summer box but that wasn’t on purpose, I got a new card, forgot to resubscribe and by the time I remembered it was time for the Fall box and here we are. The theme for this box is Fall Faves. The box itself is white with a magenta Walmart logo in the center and the tissue paper that’s wrapped around the products is the same color.



The first product we have is the Clean & Clear Lemon Zesty Scrub with Vitamin C. This is supposed to gently buff and brighten and is oil free. They have a whole lemon and vitamin C range, and while I don’t use Clean & Clear I know someone who will absolutely love this.


Next we have the Biore Witch Hazel Ultra  Deep Cleansing Pore Strips. This is supposed to remove 2x more deep pore clogs. I love a good pore strip and I actually haven’t tried these so I’m interested to see how it works.


Moving on we have the NYX Lip Lingerie in 16, Cheekies. This is a warm pinky nude shade and it’s really pretty. I have a couple of these and I really like them, they dry down to a nice matte, they’re light on the lips and they’re long lasting.


The next product we have is the Nivea Coconut and Monoi Oil lotion. I’ve used Nivea lotions in the past and found them to be really moisturizing and always great smelling.


The second to last product we have is the Schick Intuition f.a.b. razor. This came at the perfect time because I was going to buy a new razor. So I’ve been using this since I got it and I like it. This has moisture gel so it glides really smooth and with this razor you can shave forwards and backwards.


And the last product we have is the Sofia Vergara Lost In Paradise perfume. This has a floral and fruity scent with a woody undertone. It does smell nice but I think for me personally it’s a little too floral.


That about wraps it up for this post, if you guys got any of the same products in your Fall Box let me know and if not I’d love to know what you did get.

Until next time, enjoy your products and I can’t wait to see what I get next season :).


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Winter Walmart Beauty Box Review

Hi everyone,

Today we’re going to be talking about a new beauty subscription box, the Walmart Beauty Box. Back in late December I was scrolling through Instagram and saw a post about this box, and having never heard of it I was interested. So I looked it up and for the sake of wanting to try new/different subscription boxes in 2019, I bought it. This is a box that you get four times a year, winter, spring, summer and fall. I believe there are two or three different versions of this box that you can get and all you pay is $5.00 for shipping. You get six products plus a bag, the products range in size and there’s an array of brands. And the theme for this season is Hydration Heroes and I got the Trendsetter box.



When you open the box there’s a stack of cards on top that tell you the theme and info on some of the products.


The first product I saw in this box was the Cetaphil Hydrating Eye Gel-Cream with Hyaluronic Acid. This is supposed to lock in moisture, brighten and smooth skin, all while hydrating for 24 hours. I already have an eye cream that I love, but I would be interested to see how this compares.


The second product we have is the Garnier SkinActive Soothing 3-in-1 Moisturizer. This can be used as a day cream, night cream and mask. This one is made with rose water, which is very hydrating and no matter how you use this it’s supposed to give you a ton of hydration and soothe your skin. And it’s made without parabens, silicones or dyes.


Next we have the Garnier Fructis Damage Repairing Treat 1 Minute Hair Mask. In total there are five of these Garnier hair masks. Nourish Dry Hair, Smooth Frizzy Hair, Protect Color Vibrancy, Strengthen Weak Hair and this one. This particular one has papaya extract and that’s really good for making your hair soft and smooth. This can be used three ways, as a mask, a conditioner and as a leave-in. I’ve never used one of these before, but I’ve heard good things.


Moving on we have the Olay Daily Facials Daily Hydrating Clean with Grapeseed Extract. This is a makeup wipe that you run under water and it becomes a 5-in-1 makeup remover, scrub, toner, mask and cleanser. Way back when I first started wearing makeup my mom used the Olay makeup wipes, so I am familiar. I’ve mentioned that I rarely use makeup wipes to take my makeup off now, but I am interested to see how these have changed since the last time I used one.


The second to last product we have is the Curel HydraTherapy Wet Skin Moisturizer. You apply this to your skin after you shower/take a bath and it’s supposed to get rid of dry skin and leave you feeling really soft and moisturized. I have a friend that uses this and she loves it. I don’t have any wet skin moisturizers, so I’m excited to try this out and I’ll let you guys know what I think.


The last product is the Soo Ae Unicorn Glow Hologram Mask. This is a charcoal mask that is supposed to detox and brighten you skin. I love face masks, so I’m looking forward to trying this one.


The very last thing in this box is the bag. This is a silver/pewter color, it has light blue rain drops on one side and the Walmart logo on the other side. A black lining on the inside and a tassel pull on the zipper. This bag is 5 by 7, so it can hold quite a few things.



That about wraps it up for this post, overall, I think that $5.00 this is a good deal. I probably will continue with this, to see what products the other seasons bring. I will leave a link down below if you guys are interested. And if you got the winter Walmart Beauty Box, which box did you get and what’s your favorite product?

Until next time, here’s to trying more new things and you can never subscribe to too many subscription boxes :).


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