August BoxyCharm Unboxing

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I received my August BoxyCharm box and I thought that today would be the perfect day to go through it. The theme this month is Go All Out, basically embrace the summer, enjoy it and do all the things.


So the first product we have is actually two, and it’s Vitamasques Face Masks. The first is a Glow Juicy Berries mask that is a natural probiotic and adaptogenic sheet mask with Vitamin C, Niacinamide and a Super Berry Complex that has raspberry and blackberry to brighten and improve uneven skin tone. The second is a Nourish Flower Nectar mask that is a natural probiotic and adaptogenic sheet mask with Multi-Peptides, Ceramides and Flower Extracts including Cherry Blossom, Hibiscus and Orange Blossom to nourish and repair the skin. Both of these masks are vegan, animal cruelty free and have allergen free fragrance. The masks themselves are biodegradable and come in eco-pouches. I love a good sheet mask, and these sound nice, so I’m excited to try them out. 


Next we have the Volition Beauty Hibiscus Unspottable Correcting Oil. So this is an oil that is supposed to reduce the appearance of dark spots and discoloration, soothe the appearance of stressed skin, hydrate and help improve moisture retention and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Hibiscus is in a lot of skincare right now, it’s supposed to be incredible for your skin and have a ton of benefits, and I like the sound of this oil, so I’m interested to try it out. 


Moving on we have the Purlisse Ageless Glow Serum BB Cream with SPF 40 in Light Medium. This is a serum infused beauty balm that has Bakuchoil, Algae Collagen and Vitamin C to firm, brighten and moisturize while giving you full, natural and glowy coverage and protecting you with SPF 40. This is my choice item for the month and it’s funny because I’ve been so busy recently that I forgot to choose an item so BoxyCharm just picked one for me. I was actually excited when I saw it because I’ve heard so many great things about the Purlisse BB Cream, people love it, but when I swatched it I found out that it’s a shade too dark for me. I’m going to buy one that is my shade because I do want to try it out. 


The second to last item we have is the Dito Cosmetics Limited Edition Venus 12 Shade Eyeshadow Palette. This palette is inspired by the planet Venus and the 12 shadows in the palette embody that. There are 5 different finishes, matte, shimmery, creamy, ultra-shiny glitter and shimmer with sparkle. All are supposed to be highly pigmented.


You get a decent size mirror with this palette as well, which is always great. 


The space nerd in me really love the layout of this palette and the names of all of the shades. I think the space theme was really well done and I like it a lot. 


Because I did take pictures of this palette outside, I took pictures of the swatches outside and inside as well so you could see both. The first shadow we have is Venus and it’s a very light and opaque pink, I had to swatch it multiple times, I think it would be a great topper. Next we have Mercury, a nude shadow that would be a great base or transition shade. Then there’s Earth, a bronzy/copper shadow. Next to that is Moon, which is a pinky red, this one also didn’t swatch the best, I had to swipe it a few times to get a real nice result. The second to last shadow we have is Jupiter, a gorgeous gold that I like a lot and the last shadow in this row is Io, which is a really pretty brown with some gold shimmer. 



The second row starts with Deimos, a bronzy/copper glitter with silver and brown glitter as well. It’s super pretty. Next to that is Phobos, a matte medium brown. Then we have Mars, a light brown/light gold shadow that again, I had to swipe a couple times to get a good swatch. Next to that is Europa, a matte dark purple shadow. The second to last shadow we have is Ganymede, which is a  really dark purple/black and the last shadow in the row is Kallisto, which is that burgandy that’s been a really popular shadow color in palettes recently. This shadow was super crumbly when I swatched it which I wasn’t expecting, but it’s really pretty so I definitely want to see if I can make it work. Overall I think this is a nice palette, not all of the shadows swatched that great, but I’m still excited to try it out and create some fun looks. 



And the last product we have is the Jecca Blac Play Pot in Pink Pearl. These Play Pots are cream pigments that can be used on your eyes, lips and cheeks. They’re supposed to be effortless to blend out and give you a ton of pigment. They have a vegan and cruelty free formula and this one in particular has a shimmer finish. We’ve having a bit of a heatwave right now, so when I got this after it sat in the mail truck and my mailbox, it was sweating a little bit, but I put it in the fridge for a bit and that solved the problem. It’s quite a nice shade, and I think that I would use it more on my lips and maybe my eyes than my cheeks, but I’m excited to try it. 





That about wraps it up for this post, if you got any of the same products in your August BoxyCharm box let me know and if not I’d love to know what you did get. 

Until next time enjoy your products and I can’t wait to see what I get in my September box :). 


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