November Favorites

Hi everyone,

As it’s the end of the month I thought it would be the perfect time to do my November favorites. I wanted to mention that I am going to be doing Blogmas this year and I’m excited about it, so look out for that coming soon! Back to the favorites, I feel like I have a pretty good mix this month, so let’s get into it.

Starting with Beauty, I have a couple of favorites from my November BoxyCharm box, and if you haven’t read that I’ll link it below. My first Boxy favorite is the Ace Beaute Eyeshadow Amplifying Base in Light. This is a full coverage eyeshadow base that gives your shadow a longer wear time and amplifies both matte and shimmer shadows. I’ve been using this since I got it and I really like it. It has just the right amount of tack to it, but it’s not too sticky or too wet. This has made it’s way into my rotation of eyeshadow bases and I definitely recommend giving it a try if you’re in the market for an eyeshadow base.


My next Boxy favorite is the Violet Voss Violet Sunset Eyeshadow and Pressed Pigment Palette. I’m not going to say too much about this because I have a ‘Three Recent Looks’ post coming soon with it, but I really, really like it. The color story is nice, the formulation and color payoff is great and it’s very versatile. Definitely a palette I recommend, and from this I’ve been looking through the Violet Voss website to see which palette I want to buy next. 



My last Boxy favorite and second to last beauty favorite is the Hanalei Beauty Company Matte Bronzer. This bronzer is supposed to give you a sun kissed Hawaiian look and it really does. It’s long-wearing, really smooth and super buildable. This bronzer has quickly made it’s way into my top favorites. 




And my last beauty favorite is my Thanksgiving makeup. I always try to do something in the fall color palette, usually orange/brown/gold and this year I’m super happy with what I came up with. 


Moving on to more random favorites, we have Thanksgiving itself. It’s always one of my favorite holidays because the food is so good and it’s nice to just chill and hangout. I make apple pie every year and it always comes out great, but this year it seemed extra good and I think it looked really nice. 


I have a couple of TV show favorites and they both happen to come from Netflix. The first is the Great British Bake Off. The current season just finished and I can honestly say that this has been one of my favorite seasons in a while. I genuinely really liked the final three so much and would have been happy with any of them winning. I won’t spoil who won in case anyone hasn’t seen it, but I will tell you that it made me cry. I swear I get the most emotional watching baking shows lol. 

My second Netflix favorite is season 4 of Selling Sunset. I watched it in 3 days. I think the combination of having to wait so long between seasons 3 and 4 coupled with the fact that I had seen and heard some things from the season as they were happening made me want to watch it more and it was SO good. I cannot wait for season 5 to come out because I am team Jason and Chrishell and I think it’s going to be really sweet to see their relationship on screen. Also, the fashion is incredible and the houses are just next level. 

And my last favorite is a music favorite and it’s Joe Bonamassa’s new album Time Clocks. I swear every time Joe releases an album it’s better than the one before it and that is definitely the case with this one. It’s genre bending, which Joe is incredible at, but it’s still the blues at the roots and I love so many of the songs. I definitely, definitely recommend giving it a listen if you haven’t yet. 

That about wraps it up for this post, if we have any of the same favorites let me know and if not I’d love to know what your November favorites were. 

Until next time, enjoy your favorites and I hope you had a great November :). 


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