Blogmas Day 23: Festive nail art

Hi everyone,

Welcome to Blogmas Day 23! I can’t believe it’s the second to last day, this has truly gone by so quickly. Today I’m going to be showing you guys my festive manicures from this month and how I achieved them.

I can say for sure that this year it was definitely more difficult for me to decide on the designs I wanted than in previous years, but ultimately I like what I came up with. For this first one I wanted to do something I hadn’t done before so I did Christmas lights.


To do this I used Sinful Colors 101, Snow Me White for the base, for the string I used LA Colors Color Last in CNP31, Onyx and for the lights I used Sinful Colors 852, Gogo Girl, Salon Perfect 207, Blue Ribbon and Pure Ice 303CP, Free Spirit. And to top it off I used the Pure Ice High Shine Top Coat and that’s the top coat I used for all of these manicures.


The second manicure I did was snowflakes, but I didn’t want it to be the normal blue and white snowflakes that I do every year so I changed it up a bit.


This one was simple, only two colors. The silver base is p2 Techno Chrome polish in 010, Steel Drama and the snowflakes themselves are the Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art pen, with a fine tip, in 380, Red.

For my second to last festive manicure I went with a Christmas tree with lights and garland.


For this I used a Dermelect polish in Verdure as the base, for the garland I used Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in 485, Golden-I and for the lights I used two Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art pens. One in 380, Red with a fine tip and the other in 360, Pearly White, also with a fine tip.


And finally for my last festive manicure, the one I have on my nails now, a present.


To do this I used Pure Ice 1026, Hit The Floor, Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in 485, Golden-I and for the ribbon on the present, Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art pen, with a fine tip, in 380, Red.

That about wraps it up for this post, I always enjoy doing these posts so look out for more in the future.

Until next time, enjoy your festive manicures and Merry Christmas Eve Eve :).


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September favorites

Hi everyone,

I’m a little bit late with this, but today I wanted to talk about my September favorites. September honestly flew by and I can’t believe we’re into the first week of October and I’m already planning my Halloween costume. So the first thing I want to talk about is beauty. I have a few favorites from my September Glam Bag, if you haven’t read that post I will link it down below. My first Glam Bag favorite is the bag itself, it fit the Ipsy Boss theme perfectly. I love the black and gold with the spikes and I’ve been carrying this in my handbag since I got it and I love it.


My next favorite is the Pixi by Petra Beauty Blush Duo in Peach Honey. This has a great shimmer, it’s nicely pigmented and the lighter shade is great on it’s own as a highlighter.


My third Glam Bag favorite is the ColourPop Lippie Stix in the shade Glam Bag. I really liked this shade when I swatched it and even more when I put it on. It’s matte, which I love and it doesn’t feel heavy on the lips. If you haven’t checked out ColourPop already, definitely do. Their lipsticks are fantastic.



My last Glam Bag favorite is the Adesse New York Organic Infused Gel Effect nail lacquer in Deception. I really liked the color of this nail polish when I saw it. I love grey nails, especially this time of year and this didn’t disappoint. I highly recommend Adesse New York if you’re looking for a good nail polish.


Moving on I have a couple of food favorites, the first is the Vanilla Blueberry Kind bars. I always keep bars like these in my handbag, they’re a great on the go snack and lately Kind bars have been my favorite brand. These ones specifically have blueberries, vanilla, and 5 super grains, oats, millet, amaranth, buckwheat and quinoa. They really are so good.

And my last food favorite is on the other side of the healthy spectrum and they are the Strawberry Peanut M&M’s. I don’t always eat M&M’s, but I saw these in the grocery store and I couldn’t help but pick them up and they were delicious.

And lastly, I have a music favorite and it’s Ringo Starr’s new album Give More Love. Top to bottom this is truly fantastic. Some of my favorite songs from this album are Give More Love and Standing Still. If you haven’t heard any of this album yet definitely check it out on iTunes or YouTube, it’s worth a listen.

That about wraps it up for this post, if we have any of the same favorites let me know and if not I’d love to know what you loved during September.

Until next time, enjoy your favorites and I hope everyone had a great September :).


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Mini beauty haul

Hi everyone,

Over the last week or so I picked up a couple of new products so I thought I would do a little haul. The first product is the NYX Whipped Lip and Cheek Soufflé in Pink Cloud. In June I got this in my Glam Bag in Plush and really liked it so I bought this one, I really like the color and I can’t wait to wear it.



Next up is another lipstick and it’s the Tarte Color Splash Hydrating Lipstick in Set Sail. I talk all the time about how much I love Tarte and I love their lipsticks. I wore this for the first time on National Lipstick Day and I love it. It’s a dark nude, which I’m all about, and I definitely recommend it in any and all colors.




And the last thing is a nail polish from Kokie in the shade NP45, Euphoria. This nail polish is gorgeous, it’s gold but changes color a little when the light hits it. I can’t wait to wear this and when I do I will be posting pictures to my Instagram and Twitter, so if you follow me there look for that and if you don’t follow me, I’ll have them down below.


That about wraps it up for this post, I quite like doing mini hauls so look out for more like this in the future.

Until next time, you can never have too many beauty products and if any of you guys have been loving these products let me know :).


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June Glam Bag unboxing

Hi everyone,

I got my June Glam Bag from Ipsy yesterday and I thought today would be the perfect day to go over it. This month’s theme is Ipsy Volume Up. It’s all about being yourself and not being afraid to speak up. I think the bag is adorable, it’s the perfect size to stick in your handbag if you are looking for a smaller makeup bag or pencil case, etc. It has a set of lips on it and it’s perfect for the theme.


So the first product I’m going to talk about is a couple of facemasks from BioRepublic Skincare. I got two sheet masks, one is a green tea detox with green tea extract and vitamin E. It’s supposed to boost anti-oxidants and leave you with clean, supple and refined skin. The other is an aloe rescue with aloe vera juice and vitamin E. And it’s supposed to provide immediate hydration and leave you with healthy, revitalized and lush skin. This time of year people spend a lot of time in the sun and after a day in the sun this would be perfect. I love facemasks, so I’m excited to try these.


Next is a Luna by Luna eyeshadow in Jace. This is dusty peach color and it’s really pretty. I don’t typically wear a lot of colors like this, but I’m sure I can make it work.


The next product, from the Balm is the Balm Springs blush in the shade In Full Swing. This is a really light pinky blush and it’s perfect for summer. I can’t wait to wear it, the Balm blushes are great.


The second to last product is one of my favorites and it’s a NYX Whipped Lip and Cheek Soufflé in Plush. I love NYX, I think all of their products are great. This is a really pretty pink, I’ll probably use it just for lips, the fact that it’s whipped makes it nice to wear and to me it smells like vanilla frosting, which I love. I would definitely recommend anything NYX.



And the last product is a nail polish from Trust Fund Beauty and it’s in the shade Game Changer. I really like the Trust Fund Beauty nail polishes. The formulation is really nice and they have good staying power. I love the color of this one it’s bright and perfect for summer. I can’t wait to put it on my nails.


That about wraps it up for this post. If you guys got any of the same products in your June Glam Bag let me know and if not let me know what you got in yours.

Until next time, enjoy your products and I can’t wait to see what I get next month :).


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February favorites

Hi everyone,

As today is the first of March, I figured it was time to do my February favorites. I don’t have a ton of different favorites this month, but I think there is a good mix. Starting with beauty, we have, from NYX a lipstick. It’s a NYX Butter Lipstick in the shade Ripe Berry. This is from my February Glam Bag and if you haven’t read that post, I’ll link it below. When I unboxed this lipstick I was excited to wear it and when I put it on it was instant love. It looked different on my lips than it had when I tested it on my hand and in a it was way better. It’s about as dark as I’ve gone with berry toned lipsticks but it’s pretty much perfect. I would definitely recommend it.


My next favorite is an eye shadow. This is a cream pigment from Hikari Cosmetics in the shade Latte. I’m so in love with this shadow. It’s honestly so pretty, the color payoff is great and it blends really well. I will definitely be doing more looks with this shadow.


And my last beauty favorite is a nail polish by Trust Fund Beauty in the shade I Give Good Tweet. It’s in a periwinkle shade, which isn’t a color I already have in my polish collection, so I was excited it try it. I loved this shade in the bottle, and when I put it on it was just as pretty. The formulation is great and it had good staying power. I usually keep a manicure for about a week or so and it stayed looking good for that time. That’s one nail polish I know I will be going back to come spring and summer.


Moving on, my next two favorites are songs. The first is Bell Bottom Blues by Eric Clapton. This is one of those classic Clapton songs, but it had been forever and a day since I’d heard it, so when I put my phone on shuffle and it played it reminded me of how much I loved it. Besides the original Derek and The Dominos, my favorite version of the song is live from the One More Car One More Rider concert Eric did in 2001, but I know it’s a song he’s played since.

My last song favorite is also by Eric Clapton and it’s Lovin’ You Lovin’ Me. This is an old song of his, it’s from his 1970 self titled album and I’m not entirely sure if it’s on any others. I heard this song on one of my Pandora stations and there’s just something about it that made me smile. I knew that I had heard it before, ages and ages ago, but it was nice to hear it again. And if you haven’t heard either of these songs definitely look them up on YouTube.

And speaking of YouTube, my last favorite is a YouTube channel. You guys know that I love the US Navy Blue Angels, I did a post about them last summer, which I will link below. And right now they are doing their winter training in El Centro, California. I really like to watch videos of them practicing and seeing how, if at all they have changed some of the maneuvers. And really seeing how the team is after getting some new additions in the off season. There are a few channels on YouTube where people post this type of video, but my favorite is MKBLUES1. My brother actually told me about their channel and I’m glad he did. I think besides the camera work and how well edited their videos are they have what I’m assuming is a radio scanner and know what frequencies the Blues talk on so you can hear Boss talking and calling out maneuvers, the diamond pilots responding and the solos doing their thing. When I was a kid my brother had a scanner of his own and he knew the channels they talked on, so during Seafair he would turn it on so we could hear the pilots as we were seeing them and people would always come over to us and listen. It was quite fun. So I definitely recommend their channel if you are in to things like that.

That about wraps it up for this post. If you guys have any of the same favorites as me let me know and if not let me know what your favorites were for February.

Until next time, enjoy your favorites and I hope you had a great February :).


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January favorites

Hi everyone,

As it’s the end of January I thought it was time for me to do my January favorites. I honestly can’t believe that it’s almost February. This month really did fly by. I think I have a pretty good mix of things this month, so le’s get into it. So starting with beauty, my first favorite is a product I talked about in my Glam Bag post, which I’ll link below, so I’m not going to get too much into it. But it’s the 3 in 1 highlighter/bronzer/eye shadow in Fantasy from Manna Kadar Beauty. I’ve been using it regularly since I unboxed it and I’m still loving it. The color is great and I recommend it. And it does look funny in the picture because I dropped it..


The next favorite is also from my January Glam Bag, but when I posted that I hadn’t had a chance to use it. But it’s a nail polish from Pretty Woman NYC in the shade I’m Not A Ballerina. I’m going to be honest with you guys, I’m so in love with this polish. From the color to the staying power, it’s great nail polish. The formulation is great and it pretty much does what it says on the box. Fast-drying, long-lasting, and resists chipping, cracking, fading and peeling for up to ten days. I can definitely see myself reaching for this a lot come spring and summer and the next time I’m looking for nail polish I will be browsing the Pretty Woman NYC website.


So keeping with the nail polish theme, my next favorite is from Sally Hansen in the Complete Salon Manicure range and it’s in the shade 581, Black and Blue. So basically for Christmas my friend Aimee gifted me with some nail polish and tools to create fun manicures and this is one of them. One of the things I like about this is how it changes depending on the light that’s hitting it and ultimately it’s really pretty. It almost in certain lights reminds me of a Sephora nail polish, I think it was Sephora x OPI in Mermaid To Order, which I really liked.


So my last nail polish themed item is also from Sally Hansen and it’s the Big Matte Top Coat. In the past I haven’t always liked matte nails but I’ve used this a couple of times and I like it a lot. In my opinion it’s one of the better matte top coats.


My last beauty favorite is something I talked about in my What I got for Christmas post, which I’ll link below, and that is the Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar 24 hour moisture ultra shea body lotion. This is one of my favorite lotions, it makes my skin so incredibly soft and if you don’t like this scent I would recommend any of the Bath and Body Works lotions.


So moving on to fashion, my first favorite is a pair of earrings. What I like about these earrings is the simple elegance. The gold with the intricate pattern in the center adds a lot of detail and they are incredibly light weight which I appreciate.


My next favorite is a shirt that I’m kind of obsessed with. It’s a nice blush pink with a crochet detail on the front and I can’t wait until the warmer months so I can wear this.


And my last fashion favorite is the slippers I got for Christmas. I’ve pretty much been wearing them non stop since I got them because it’s been freezing and they keep my feet so warm.


My next favorite is a music favorite and it’s a ukulele. I think that I’ve mentioned before that I’ve always been musical. I sing, I can kind of play the piano and I’ve been talking about wanting to play the ukulele for a few years so I’m super excited to learn. This ukulele is gorgeous and it has a great sound. It’s from Kala Brand Music Co. and I would recommend checking them out if you’re in the market for a ukulele.


To go with the ukulele I have the Absolute Beginners Ukulele by Steven Sproat. It comes with a CD to play along with, which I find super helpful. I can read music but sometimes it’s helpful to play by sound alone.


My next favorite is a food and drink favorite. Something that I absolutely love is tea. And specifically Pure Leaf tea. My favorite is the Sweet Tea. What I like about this brand is it tastes great and there’s only a few ingredients so you know what you’re drinking which is nice.


And finally, my last favorite I know I’ve talked about before, but it’s the IMSA racing series. Next to the NHRA, which I will be blogging about once the season starts, IMSA is my favorite series. They kicked off their season over the weekend with the Rolex 24 (24 Hours of Daytona) and from start to finish it was an incredible race. It made me really excited for the rest of the season because I know it’s going to be good.


That about wraps it up for this post. I’ll probably do another favorites post next month, but we’ll see. If you guys have any of the same favorites let me know and if not let me know what your January favorites are.

Until next time, enjoy your favorites and I hope you all had a good January :).


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The four manicures of Christmas

Days until Christmas: 3

Hi everyone,

Today I wanted to talk about manicures and specifically the Christmassy manicures I’ve had this month leading up to December 25th. So the first one is more on the simple side, but I don’t like to go too crazy, I like to build it up as the month goes on. So I went with a simple sparkly red with a gold accent and made the gold nail a present. As for what I used to achieve that is; the red is from Pure Ice and it’s in 1626, Hit the Floor, the gold is from the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear collection and it’s in 485 Golden-I and the red I used to create the ribbon on the present is a Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art pen with a fine tip in 380 Red.


The next manicure is one I try to do every year and that is simple snowflakes. For this the blue I used was from like Salon Perfect and that’s in 207 Blue Ribbon and for the white I used a Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art pen with a fine tip in 360 Pearly White.


Now, the third manicure is kind of a cheater because it has nothing to do with Christmas. However, the Seahawks were playing Thursday Night Football in their special color rush jerseys so I wanted to try and match and I think I hit the nail on the head with this one. So the green I used is from Salon Perfect in 502 Loopy Lime and the blue is a Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art pen with a fine tip in 430 Blue.


And the final manicure is the one that I currently have and will have through Christmas. I almost started running out of ideas, then it dawned on me that I hadn’t done the classic yet. A Christmas tree. So for this one I used a couple of different polishes. For the green tree I used Pure Ice 303 Free Spirit, for the garland I used Sally Hansen 485 Golden-I, the ornaments was Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art pen with a fine tip in 380 Red. For the accent present nail the red is Sinful Colors 852 Gogo Girl and the ribbon is a Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art pen with a fine tip in 360 Pearly White.


And because I didn’t do a Christmas decorations post this year, I thought I would include a picture of my tree.


That about wraps it up for this post, I honestly really enjoyed all of my Christmas content this year and I can’t wait to do it again next year. I hope you all have a great Christmas and if you don’t celebrate, I hope you have a great day :).

Until next time, enjoy your festive manicures and I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas :).


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