July 2022 BoxyCharm Unboxing

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I received my July BoxyCharm box and I thought that today would be the perfect day to go through it. We’re in the middle of summer, so the theme for this month is Out Of Office, which makes sense for a lot of people. It is vacation season.


The first item we have is the The Beauty Crop Liquid Eyeshadow Duo in Ginger and Prosecco. This is a double ended, long wearing liquid eyeshadow. One side, Ginger in this case, is a creamy velvet pigmented matte shadow and the other side, Prosecco, is what they call a dazzling liquid glitter. They say these are easy to blend, and they can be layered, mixed or matched. They have 6 of these double ended shadows in total, in a range of fun colors, which I appreciate. While I do like these colors, I don’t really wear liquid eyeshadow a lot and I didn’t swatch these because I’m going to give this to a friend who loves liquid shadows. I did get a code from The Beauty Crop and if you use BFA25 at checkout, you receive 25% off orders over $30 on their website and this is valid until the end of July. 


Next we have the Beauty For Certain Whole Lotta Mascara. This is a volume boosting, lash doubling, insta enhancing mascara. This is a brand that’s new to BoxyCharm and looks to be newer in general as they don’t have that many products on their website, but what they do have is looks like it might be good. I like the general shape of this brush and if I like this mascara, I’ll try more from their website and let you know what I think. 



Moving on, we have the Byroe Fig Renewal Oil. This is a nourishing dry oil that offers complete skin renewal that results in silky soft and effortlessly ageless skin. This has fresh fig, jojoba oil, pro floral concentrate and omega rich superfoods to revitalize and nourish. It’s lightweight and absorbs quickly into skin. So here’s my thing with this, it looks and sounds really nice, but I’m really thrown off by the fact that it says ‘Salad Infused Beauty’ on top of the box, that doesn’t sound very nice. Although, when you smell it, instead of it smelling like fig or something light and floral like you would think, it smell has that ‘lettuce with dirt on it’ smell, which might be where the whole salad thing comes in, but it’s weird to me. You also get 0.67 FL OZ/20 ML for $72, which is just outrageous to me. But I’ll use it a couple times and see what I think. I hope for all this, it’s incredible. The bottle is gorgeous though, so it has that going for it. 




The second to last item we have is the Alleyoop Stack The Odds in Sassy Pants. This was my Choice item for the month. This is a 3 in 1 stackable compact with a cream blush, bronzer and highlighter. This has jojoba and sunflower seed oil for a natural glow and when I swatched them they were smooth, creamy and seemed to be very pigmented. On the inside of the box it says ‘$10 on us, meetalleyoop.com/gift’ and if you go to the website, you put in your email and you get a $10 credit. 



I think the idea of a stackable compact is super cute and perfect for traveling/throwing in your purse on the daily and this one does have a little mirror. 




And the last item we have is the Eloise Beauty Prism Luxury Eye Shadow Brush Set. This set has four brushes made with synthetic fibers that seem very soft to me and a holographic prism handle. There’s no actual description of the brushes you get, but it looks like an angled eyeshadow brush, two flat eyeshadow brushes, and a really small eyeshadow brush, the type I like to use for putting shadow under my eyes. 






That about wraps it up for this post, if you got any of the same items in your July BoxyCharm box let me know and if not, I’d love to know what you did get. 

Until next time, enjoy your items and I can’t wait to see what I get next month :). 


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May BoxyCharm Unboxing

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I received my May BoxyCharm box and I thought that today would be the perfect day to go through it. The theme for this month is Flourish, which goes perfectly with ‘April showers bring May flowers.’

The first item we have is the Beekman 1802 Dewy Eyed Illuminating & Depuffing Eye Serum. This has a mix of goat milk and botanical extracts that are supposed to combine for hydrating revitalization to illuminate eyes and help to fight the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. I’m a little put off by the idea of goat milk in an eye serum, and I’ve seen mixed reviews on this, so we’ll see. I also think that it’s a little bit overpriced for the 0.5 fl oz/15 ml that you get. I do like the packaging though, it comes in a little canvas bag and the serum is inside of it and I think that that very down home/farm feel very much fits in with the vibe of the brand. 

The next item we have is the Ciate London Shadow Flip in Ember. This is a liquid eyeshadow that has a shade shifting, color flipping pigment and a multi-chrome effect. This one in particular is predominantly orange/pink with a green-ish shift. I really like the Ciate London liquid shadows, the formula is really nice, they dry down nicely and they’re super pigmented. I’m excited to try this out and see how it looks on the eyes. 

Moving on we have the Skin Inc My Daily Dose Of Uplift Serum. This is a serum that has encapsulated Collagen, Coenzyme Q10 and Hyaluronic Acid for what they call an anti aging punch to give you firmer, smoother and younger looking skin. This is such a pretty serum, all the Skin Inc serums are that way, I like the bottle and the little encapsulated pearls give it a lava lamp look. I do love a good serum, so I’m excited to try this one. 

The second to last item we have is the Murad City Skin Overnight Detox Moisturizer. This was my choice item for the month and it’s a moisturizer with a breakthrough formula that has supercharged antioxidants that neutralize pollutants and blue light, while strengthening your skin’s barrier while you sleep. This has an interesting way of dispensing the product, instead of just twisting off the top, there’s a circle you press on the top that has a hole in the middle and that’s where the product comes out. Murad makes the eye cream that I use, which is one of my favorites, so when I saw it I knew that I wanted to try it. 

And the last item we have is the Sophia + Mabelle Hydrating Hybrid in Topless. This is a hybrid lipstick and lip balm in one. It has Vitamin E to keep your lips hydrated like a lip balm, but the full coverage of a satin finish lipstick. I really like the idea of this, and this one is a light nude/brown shade. It felt really creamy and went on smooth in the swatch, so it seems like it will be nice on the lips. 

That about wraps it up for this post, I typically like a more makeup heavy box but this was a decent box. If you guys got any of the same items in your May BoxyCharm box let me know and if not, I’d love to know what you did get. 

Until next time, enjoy your products and I can’t wait to see what I get in my June box :). 


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Blogmas Day Six: December BoxyCharm Unboxing

Hi everyone,

Welcome to Blogmas Day Six! Before we get into it I want to say that because I didn’t post on Friday one day this week I will be double posting, so one day there will be two posts and once that happens we’ll be all caught up. So, for today’s post I’m going to be unboxing the December BoxyCharm box. The theme this month is Bubbles and Glitz, which is perfect for the end of the year.


The first product we have is the Artist Couture Caliente palette. This is an eight pan palette with five mattes, two metallics and one multidimensional high pearl shade. 


For the size of this palette, it has a nice mirror and the pans are a good size. 


I normally use a palette before talking about it, but I used this yesterday and so far I do really like it. Of the shades that I used, I found that the mattes were really smooth and blended out nicely, along with being very pigmented, and the high pearl shade is not only gorgeous, but very shimmery. 


I swatched these as they appear in the palette. The first shade we have is Mangorita, a matte yellow shadow. Yellows can sometimes be hard to formulate, but this one wasn’t too patchy when I swatched it, so I’m interested to see how it will perform on the eye. Next to that is Vibras, a vibrant matte, red/orange. Then there’s Fuego, a matte, hot pink shade. And the last shadow in the row is Cultura, an orangey/gold metallic. 


The second row starts with Sensual, a super pigmented metallic orange. The color payoff you get from this is next level. Next to that is Mamacita, the pearl shade. This is a light peachy/orange, and it’s so, so pretty. The way it looks on the arm is how it looks on the eye like ten. It’s an incredible shadow. Then there’s Brillo, a matte magenta. It’s very similar to Fuego, but deeper and on the eye the two of them together are great. And the last shadow in the row is Rumba, a matte brown with orange undertones. This one didn’t swatch the best, but like the yellow shade, I’m interested to see how this performs on the eye. 


The next product we have is the Eloise Beauty Get Lit Metallic Foiled Liquid Eyeshadow in Pure Gold. This is a long wearing, metallic foiled shadow with a blend of metallic and glitter reflects. This looks pretty in the bottle, but when I swatched it I was seriously impressed, not only is it the perfect gold tone, but it’s perfectly shimmery. This would be the perfect shadow for a New Years Eve look. On the top of the box, inside it has a code so if you use code BOXYCHARM on the Eloise Beauty website you get 20% off everything. 



Moving on we have the Tarte Maneater Mascara in Black. This has vitamin E, carnauba wax and jojoba, which are all great for lashes. This mascara is supposed to give you dramatic volume, length and curl without flaking or clumping. 


It has one of the spiky plastic brushes, but this one says it’s custom and has over 500 bristles to bring out every lash. I don’t typically like this style of brush as much, but I’m intrigued by this one and I’ve heard great things about this mascara so I’m excited to try it. 


The second to last product we have is the Ofra Cosmetics Pressed Banana Brightening and Setting Powder. This is a multi use powder that you can use to set foundation and concealer, matte eyeshadow, conceal under eye circles and highlight the under eye, brow bone, bridge of the nose, middle of the forehead and the chin. 


You get a nice sized mirror with this powder as well. 


As it’s banana powder, it does have a light banana scent and it reminds me of the banana Laffy Taffy. 


And the last product we have is a MAC matte lipstick in the shade 612, Russian Red. I did a red lipstick post the other day and I mentioned how no one does a red lipstick like MAC. This is a super pigmented, deeper red, but it’s not too deep. It’s really nice and I’m excited to add it to my collection. 




That about wraps it up for this post, if you got any of the same products in your December BoxyCharm box let me know and if not I’d love to know what you did get. 

Until next time, enjoy your products and I can’t wait to see what I get in my January box :). 


Red Lipstick Post: https://atomic-temporary-54204526.wpcomstaging.com/2020/12/04/blogmas-day-three-red-lipstick-and-liner-collection/

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Blogmas Day Two: Black Friday Haul

Hi everyone,

Welcome to Blogmas Day Two! Today we’re going to be doing a Black Friday haul. I did a bit of shopping during Black Friday and Cyber Monday and most of it was Christmas gifts for others, so the few things that I bought for myself is what I’m going to be showing you today.


You’ll notice that I included the e.l.f. Haute Chocolate Eyes Sugar Cookie palette in this picture and that’s because I did buy it during a pre-Black Friday sale and originally this post was supposed to be the first one of Blogmas, but I was still waiting for a few things to be delivered so I swapped the posts. I will link yesterday’s post below if you haven’t read it. 



Sticking with the theme of makeup, I picked up one of the Too Faced Twinkle Twinkle Liquid Glitter Eyeshadows. This one is in the shade Candied Rose. These are high shine, multi-dimensional liquid glitter eyeshadows that give you great color payoff, but they dry down really quickly and are really long lasting. These are on sale right now on the Too Faced website for $5.50, so get them now if you want one. I know I’m going to be getting a few more. 





Moving to skincare, I picked up a few things from Sephora and the Sephora Collection. I really like the SC face masks, so I picked up a trio. 


The first one I got is the Watermelon After Sun Mask. This comes with a face mask and a decollete mask and is for quenching and tan perfecting. This one isn’t exactly a winter mask, but I do like to keep the after sun masks in face mask drawer just to have them. 


The next mask is a Lychee face mask that is Ultra Moisturizing and Brightening. I haven’t tried the lychee SC face mask before, but I do love a brightening and moisturizing mask, especially in the winter so I’m excited to try this one. 


And the last one I got is a Charcoal Nose Strip. I don’t actually do nose strips that often, but I do like the charcoal ones. They’re really purifying and I think they work the best. 


And the last thing I bought is a blanket, but not just any blanket, a super plush and oversized blanket. I got this at Kohl’s and they had a huge selection in terms of pattern and I picked this geometric blue one. 


They weren’t wrong when they said super plush and oversized. This is probably the softest blanket I own and it’s the perfect thickness for a blanket this cozy. 


In terms of size, it’s 5ft by 6ft and you can comfortably use the short side of it. 10/10 recommend if you’re looking for a blanket for yourself or as a gift for someone. 


That about wraps it up for this post, if you guys picked up anything during Black Friday, I’d love to know what you got. 

Until next time, have fun shopping and I hope you’re enjoying Blogmas so far :). 


Blogmas Day One Post: https://atomic-temporary-54204526.wpcomstaging.com/2020.12.02/blogmas-day-one-e-l-f-haute-chocolate-eyes-sugar-cookoe-palette-review/

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