What I Got For Christmas 2019

Hi everyone,

Today I thought it would be fun to share with you guys what I got for Christmas. I do want to say that I’m in no way trying to brag, I’m one of those people that enjoy reading and watching this type of post. This year I didn’t have a real list of things I wanted, so I was happily surprised by a few of these gifts.

The first thing we have is what was in my stocking. Besides my favorite candy, there was a Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar mist and body lotion. It’s my favorite scent from Bath and Body Works. Along with that there was a little flashlight, I love little practical things like this and you can never have too many flashlights. The last two things that were in my stocking were a mini Too Faced Peach Perfect Mattifying Loose Setting Powder infused with peach and sweet fig milk and the Peach Kiss Lipstick in Sex On The Peach.


I used the setting powder yesterday and today and I really like it. Added bonus, it smells like peaches. The lipstick also smells like peaches and it’s a comfort matte, long wearing and also infused with peach and sweet fig milk. Too Faced lipsticks are always really pigmented and this one is no different. I believe there are 13 shades of the Peach Kiss Lipsticks and I’m definitely going to be purchasing a few more.



Continuing on with the beauty theme, the first thing I unwrapped was the Too Faced Christmas Cookie House Party set. I was honestly so, so shocked to see this because I had mentioned it in a text to my mom like right after it came out then didn’t say anything after. I was considering buying this for myself as a Christmas gift but it was sold out on Sephora and Too Faced when I looked but for whatever reason I didn’t check at my local Sephora and they had a couple left which I’m super happy about. I’m going to be doing a separate post on this, so I’m not going to get into it too much, but I will say that yesterday I wore a couple of the shadows and I’m really happy with them. It was a good makeup day.



The second beauty item I got was the Sephora Collection Frosted Kisses Lip Stories Lipstick Set. This is also going to get it’s own post, but I will say that I’ve swatched all of these, wore one on Christmas Day and I’m wearing one now. I’m really liking them and I recommend them.


Next up we have a fashion item and it’s this light powder pink shoulder bag from H&M. I have a few different handbags and clutches but nothing like this. Like I said this is a light powder pink suede with silver hardware and leathery handles. It has a snap closure, one medium sized pocket on the very front, the main compartment and another pocket inside the main. You can adjust the way you wear it, so if the handles are the same length then it’s a shoulder bag, but if you stretch it out you can wear it like a crossbody. I didn’t realize when I was taking the pictures that it was a little crooked but that’s because of the pull on the door and not that bag.





Moving on we have a couple of practical things. The first is a 2020 Erin Condren Planner. I got my first Erin Condren Planner last Christmas and it was an absolute game changer, so I knew I had to have one for the new year. This will be getting it’s own post, but I did go for a different pattern, different colors and I put my first and middle name on it.



The second practical gift I got was a calendar. I have a couple of calendars that I use for different things and sometimes they’re different sizes but this one is my main calendar. There are two or three themes I typically go for when it comes to calendars, this one is jet themed. And has some great pictures.



And the last thing we have is music related, and it’s the Doobie Brothers Live From The Beacon Theatre Blu-Ray and CD Set. I talked about this when it came out, I have it on my phone and they showed a little bit of it on PBS. I like to have a physical copy of music, hence the CD Set and if I can help it I buy all discs in Blu-Ray. So I’m excited to have a music night and watch the full concert.


That about wraps it up for this post, I did also receive some socks, because it’s not Christmas if you don’t get socks, and a mug but it’s currently in the dishwasher because I used it this morning.

Until next time, enjoy your gifts and I hope you all had an amazing Christmas :).


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Blogmas Day One: e.l.f. Eye Candy Eyeshadow Duo Set Review

Hi everyone,

Happy December and welcome to Blogmas Day One! I can’t believe it’s already December, Christmas will be here before we know it. So, I did a little Black Friday shopping and I thought it would be fun to start off Blogmas with a review of one of the items I bought, the e.l.f. Eye Candy Eyeshadow Duo Set. You guys know that e.l.f. is one of my favorite drugstore brands, so when their holiday collection came out there were a few things I had my eye on and this was one of them.


With this set you get three eyeshadow duos and one eyeshadow brush. This was $5.00 in-store and it’s $5.00 on the e.l.f. website.


I do have a couple of their brushes but this is the first straight up eyeshadow brush of theirs I have. I love the color, and it’s really soft.


All of the eyeshadows have a swirl pattern on the lid so they look like little peppermints. Each duo has a matte and a shimmer. The first duo has an orangey/brown matte and a gorgeous coppery shimmer. The matte shadow is so smooth, they all are and this shimmer is so pigmented.



The second duo has a deep chocolate brown matte and an off white/cream shimmer. The shimmer is on the lighter side so on first glance I think it would be a perfect highlight shade under the brow or in the inner corner of the eye. Although I do want to see how it would be on the lid.



And the last duo has a nice plum colored matte and nice pinky/purple shimmer. Typically when I wear purple shadows, which isn’t very often, I go for much darker or much lighter but these are both really pretty so I’m excited to play around and see what looks I can come up with.



That about wraps it up for this post, if you guys have purchased, or been gifted, this set I’d love to know which shadows are your favorite and which holiday sets you’re hoping to get/are you buying for yourself this holiday season?

Until next time, have fun creating looks and welcome to Blogmas :).


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Sephora Birthday Gift 2019

Hi everyone,

Today I’m going to be talking about the 2019 Sephora birthday gift. My birthday is on Friday and my gift was delivered yesterday, so it’s perfect timing. I’m a Sephora Beauty Insider and I’m super close to VIB status. For those who have VIB and Rouge status, you can choose from four options when it comes to your birthday month and Insiders can choose from two. The four options are a Milk Makeup Mascara and Cooling Water set, 250 bonus points, Drunk Elephant Moisturizer and Cleanser set and Kat Von D Beauty Tattoo Liner, Setting Powder and Lipstick set. The two options are the Drunk Elephant Moisturizer and Cleanser set and the Kat Von D Beauty Tattoo Liner, Setting Powder and Lipstick set.

I chose the Kat Von D Beauty Tattoo Liner, Setting Powder and Lipstick set. I love everything Kat Von D Beauty, so it was the perfect choice. On the top of the box it says Happy Birthday! in English and Joyeux Anniversaire! in French, which I think is a nice little detail.



The only thing that I had used in this set prior to getting it is the Tattoo Liner and I love it. This one, and the one that I use, are in Trooper. This eyeliner has a really fine tip, it goes on really smooth and it’s incredibly long lasting. Once you put it on you know it’s going to be there all day.


I had heard really good things about the Lock It Setting Powder, so I was happy to see that it was included in here. I’m wearing it now and I quite like it. It’s really light, silky and my look it definitely locked it. I definitely recommend it.



And the final product that we have is the Studded Kiss Crème Lipstick trio. This is a sample of three crème lipsticks, Outlaw, Lolita and Vampira. Outlaw is a nice almost brick red, Lolita is a light brown with pink undertones and Vampira is a dark burgundy. I haven’t ever tried any of the Crème Lipsticks, so I’m excited to and I’ll let you guys know what I think.



That about wraps it up for this post, if you guys have tried any of the Crème lipsticks let me know, I’d love to know what your favorite shade is.

Until next time, enjoy the Sephora birthday gifts and Happy Birthday to my fellow Capricorns :).


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Blogmas Day Nine: Friendsmas

Hi everyone,

Welcome to Blogmas Day Nine! I can’t believe there’s only three days left of Blogmas, it’s just flown by. Today I’m going to be talking about Friendsmas. I exchanged gifts with one of my longtime friends recently, like we’ve been doing for years and it was great. I think we both nailed it this year.

So, starting off with what I got her, I went for a theme this year, and if you read my present wrapping post, then you saw me talking about some of these presents and my thought behind how I wrapped them and if you haven’t read that post I’ll link it below. Like I said, I went with a theme, it was cozy, and I think everything went together nicely.



For the stocking it took me forever to find one that I liked, but I ended up picking this one and I think it’s perfect. The material is kind of shiny, it has the fur on the top and it says It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year. And I filled it with five beauty bits. When it came to the stocking I didn’t want to do candy and I didn’t know how candy would ship, so I went with beauty products because when I’m having a cozy night in I like to pamper myself. So there’s a nail polish, face mask, pore strips and a couple of hair treatments.


For the main presents, the big package is a super soft blanket, the red box is a box of tea that she likes and the long blue package is a bookmark. I found this amazing shop on Etsy that makes bookmarks and they are incredible. It’s called The Burlap Butterfly and there are bookmarks for so many different fandoms, they’re so well done and I highly recommend them. I posted a picture of a Harry Potter bookmark I bought myself on my Instagram, if you want to see what they look like.

For the gifts she bought me, I gave her some ideas of things that I wanted but I didn’t know what to expect. We definitely don’t tell each other what we’ve bought in the run up to the opening of the gifts. But she did very well. And it’s not pictured here, but there was a little note in the box as well.


I’ve mentioned before that I really like adult coloring books, I’m a pretty creative person so I enjoy that aspect of it and I also find it to be relaxing. And this one is great because giraffes are my favorite animal.



The other thing she got me was a set of stemless wine glasses. But these aren’t normal wine glasses, they have a Harry Potter theme. The first one says Accio Wine! And the other says I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good.





That about wraps it up for this post, if you guys hosted or attended any Friendsmas parties I hope you had a great time.

Until next time, have you guys finished your shopping yet and I can’t believe there’s only six days until Christmas :).


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Blogmas Day Two: Christmas Cards and Present Wrapping

Hi everyone,

Welcome to Day Two of Blogmas! I did miss yesterday, I was incredibly busy and didn’t have time to write, so I’m going to be double posting. This post is going to be about my 2018 Christmas cards and a little look at how I’ve done some present wrapping and we’re going to start with the cards.

This year my cards are Charlie Brown themed and I think they’re super cute. When I pick out cards each year I don’t have a predetermined theme in mind, it’s usually whatever catches my eye and I never do the same card two years in a row. It’s a little hard to tell in the pictures, but Snoopy and Woodstock are raised up so it gives it some dimension. I like that the design on the envelope extends to back so you see something when you’re opening it and I like that the saying on the inside isn’t leaning one way or another and it’s just a nice holiday sentiment.






So, on to the present wrapping portion of this post. This year I’m exchanging gifts with a good friend of mine like I always do but the difference is we’re in different states, so we’re shipping gifts to each other and that meant that I had to finish my shopping early and get these wrapped up and sent out, which I did. I find present wrapping to be very creative and therapeutic, so I really like it. I’m not going to say what these gifts are, but I’m going to be doing a Friendsmas post in the coming weeks and I’ll talk about what we got each other. When I wrap presents I try to have a theme, think about the person and tie everything together. So I’m going to start off by saying that this isn’t everything for this person, just what I had at the time when I took these pictures. For my wrapping paper I used the blue because I like the pattern and the fact that it’s double sided, the gold was for the stocking stuffers which I wouldn’t normally wrap up, but I thought it would be cuter that way and I used the red as a tie in between the stocking stuffer presents and stocking itself which is red. I do have bows, but this felt more like a ribbon occasion, so I did silver with the blue paper, gold with the red and silver on the gold to make it feel cohesive and because silver and gold is a popular theme for Christmas. I then curled the ribbon. Like I said I’ll be doing a Friendsmas post so you’ll be able to see all of the gifts together. I think it came together nicely and I’m happy with it.








That about wraps it up for this post, when you guys wrap presents do you prefer bows, ribbon or both?

Until next time, what do you guys look for in Christmas cards and have fun wrapping presents :).


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Father’s Day cocktails

Hi everyone,

As Father’s Day is this Sunday, I thought I would do a post with cocktails that are perfect for the occasion. Most dads are probably going to be happy with just having their favorite beverage, but it never hurts to have options, especially if you’re having a party.

The first drink we have is the Kentucky Mule, it’s a twist on the classic Moscow Mule, and this recipe makes one drink.

What you need:

  • 1 1/2 ounces of your favorite bourbon
  • Ginger beer
  • 1/2 of a lime, sliced
  • Mint sprigs

What you do:

  • Take your glass and fill it with crushed ice. Then squeeze the lime wedge over the ice.
  • Add the bourbon and fill the glass the rest of the way with the ginger beer.
  • Stir so it’s well combined and garnish with the other lime wedge and the mint sprigs.
  • Serve and enjoy!

Next up we have a classic and something I’ve actually never had, an Old Fashioned. This recipe makes one drink.

What you need:

  • 1/2 teaspoon of sugar
  • 3 dashes of Angostura bitters
  • Water
  • Orange peel
  • 2 ounces of bourbon
  • Ice

What you do:

  • Add the sugar, bitters and dash of water to the glass and stir until sugar is dissolved. The recommended glass for this drink is a rocks glass.
  • Fill the glass with ice, add the bourbon and stir to combine all of the flavors.
  • Garnish with an orange peel.
  • Serve and enjoy!

Moving on we have Mojitos, you can do a million different flavored Mojitos, but for this occasion I like the classic. This recipe makes 2-4 drinks.

What you need:

  • 1 cup of lime juice
  • 1/2 cup of mint leaves
  • 1/2-3/4 cup of simple syrup
  • 3/4-1 cup of white or light rum, whichever you prefer
  • Ice
  • Club soda

What you do:

  • In a small pitcher combine the lime juice and mint. Use a muddler to crush the mint into the lime juice, then add the simple syrup and rum to the pitcher.
  • Fill pitcher 2/3 of the way full with ice and stir.
  • Fill the individual glasses about halfway with ice, then pour in the mojito mixture until the glass is about 2/3 of the way full and top with the club soda.
  • Serve and enjoy!

And the last cocktail we have is the James Bond Martini. And this recipe makes one drink.

What you need:

  • 3 ounces of gin
  • 1 ounce of vodka
  • 1/2 ounce of dry vermouth
  • Lemon peel

What you do:

  • In a cocktail shaker combine the gin, vodka and dry vermouth and shake well.
  • Strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with a large piece of lemon peel.
  • Serve and enjoy!

That about wraps it up for this post, if you guys make any of these cocktails tweet me a picture or tag me on Instagram. And if you’re still looking for that perfect Father’s Day gift I’ll link my gift guide post from last year below.

Until next time, enjoy your drinks and have a happy Father’s Day :).


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Blogmas Day 21: Friendsmas

Hi everyone,

Welcome to Blogmas Day 21! Earlier today I hosted Friendsmas with a good friend of mine. She and I have been friends for almost a decade and always have a fun time exchanging gifts. This year we must have had a similar thought process, because we ended up getting each other similar gifts.

Starting with her stocking, I put in a mix of chocolate and fruity candies. There was mini Kit Kats, little cookies and cream candies, white chocolate Twix and Mamba fruit chews. I also put in a hair mask and a face mask.


Gift wise, only one of her gifts came in time, the other is supposed to be here right after Christmas. But that can happen when you have something custom made. I had both custom made, by different companies, and I ordered them at way different times. But the one I gave her today is a quote that we both love and I framed it. I don’t have a picture, but if you guys read my Present Wrapping post, then you saw me wrap it. And of course I topped it all off with a Christmas card.


Moving on to what she got me, starting with the stocking, I tend to go for fruity candy more than chocolate so she put in Skittles and Starburst, which are two of my favorites.


Gift wise, she was rather creative. She had asked me for quotes or phrases that I thought represented our friendship, I thought of four or five and sent them off and she chose four or five of her own and she turned it into a collage. I think it was a great idea and I love the quotes and phrases she chose. There’s Golden Girls, Friends and Dan and Phil.


That about wraps it up for this post, if any of you guys hosted or attended Friendsmas I hope you had a great time and a lot of laughs.

Until next time, I hope you guys are enjoying Blogmas and I can’t believe there’s only four days until Christmas :).


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Blogmas Day 16: Present wrapping

Hi everyone,

Welcome to Blogmas Day 16! Today I’m going to be talking about present wrapping, it’s getting to that time and I always enjoy seeing how other people wrap their presents, so I thought I would share how I do mine. Now I don’t have everything yet, I ordered mostly online this year and I’m still waiting for those things to come. But what I do have is one of the gifts for a friend of mine, she and I are doing Friendsmas, and gifts for my niece and nephew.


So, starting with the gifts for my niece, before I wrap any present for anyone I look at all my wrapping paper and try to figure out which suits that person the best. And once I do that I get the tags, bows, ribbons and boxes if I’m using them. I wanted to keep it quite young and fun so I went with this Santa paper that is reversible.



One thing I don’t have and I need to go buy is ribbon. But I did take the time to find a tag and a bow that I thought went well with the paper.


For the Friendsmas present, I wanted to go for something that was on the classier side and I had this paper that I bought recently but forgot about and I’m happy I found it because I think it’s great paper. And it’s also reversible, I didn’t know that when I bought it but I quite like the other side.






That about wraps it up for this post, I personally love wrapping presents. I find it to be very calming and relaxing and I’m really happy with the way these two came out.

Until next time, I hope you guys are enjoying Blogmas and have fun wrapping presents :).


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