January favorites

Hi everyone,

As today is January 30th, I thought it would be the perfect time to do my January favorites. I have a pretty good range of items so lets get into it.

Starting with beauty, I didn’t really try out a whole lot of new products this month so I only have two things, one actual product and one honorable mention. The actual item is the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask. I ordered two of these, one in Champagne and the other in Natural, and the one I’m using right now is Champagne. But these are probably one of my favorite lip products I’ve ever used. Not only do they smell good, but they are incredibly moisturizing and they make my lips so soft. I highly recommend them. And my honorable mention is the Bite Beauty Sephora Insider birthday gift. I talked about that recently so I’ll leave a link to that post down below.


Moving on to fashion, we have a pair of Fabletics leggings. I bought these recently and have since worn them a couple of times and I really like them. The fit is great and I love the pattern.


Next up I have an app favorite and it’s Homescapes. I’ve been seeing this app everywhere for a while and a few of my friends have it so the other night when I couldn’t fall asleep I downloaded it and I love it. It didn’t help me with falling asleep because I was hooked and now I understand why it’s so popular.

Since I’m on the subject of apps, I know I mentioned Poshmark a little while ago, still loving it, and yesterday I added a bunch of new items to my closet. I’m KyraSage18 for anyone interested :).

From apps we go to TV shows, I don’t watch a whole lot of TV but this month I’ve really been loving season two of Better Late Than Never. If you’ve never watched it stars William Shatner, Henry Winkler, Terry Bradshaw, George Foreman and Jeff Dye and they go on adventures all over the world. In my opinion it’s one of the funniest shows, nothing makes me cry laugh like this show but there are also some really endearing moments. And I definitely recommend checking it out.

My second to last favorite is IMSA. Their season just started with the 24 of Daytona, one of my favorite races, and it was a great race. Besides drag racing, IMSA is my favorite series so I’m happy it’s back.

And my last favorite is a music favorite and it’s the song The Core by Eric Clapton. You guys know how much I love EC, he’s one of my favorites. This song is one that I heard a long time ago, really liked and then never really did anything about, didn’t buy it from iTunes or anything like that. Then last week I saw a video of Clapton playing it during a concert and it reminded me just how much I love it. It’s from the Slowhand album, which is an album I think people tend to forget about because it’s an earlier album but it has some of my favorite songs on it. Definitely check out the song and the album if you haven’t listened to either.

That about wraps it up for this post, if we had any of the same favorites let me know and if not I’d love to know what you guys loved this month.

Until next time, enjoy your favorites and I hope you had a great January :).


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November favorites

Hi everyone,

Today, as November is nearly over, I thought that I would do my November favorites. But before I get into that I want to mention something exciting, this year I’m doing Blogmas. So every day up until Christmas, starting December 1st, there will be a new Christmassy blog post, this is something I’ve wanted to do since I started blogging and I’m excited about it. But back to this month, starting with beauty I have a couple of favorites from my November Glam Bag from Ipsy and as always I’ll link that post down below if you haven’t read it. First we have the ColourPop Pressed Shadow in Come And Get It. I’ve worn this a couple of times since talking about it and I bloody love it. It’s a gorgeous shade, very versatile and the color payoff is fantastic. ColourPop eyeshadows are where it’s at.



Next up we have the Tarte Deluxe Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush is Feisty. There are a couple of things I love about this blush, first being the color. It’s a dusty rose and that’s a shade that I think is great all year round. The formulation is really nice and it’s very blendable/buildable. All good things if you ask me.


Continuing with the beauty favorites we have the EM Cosmetics Infinite Lip Cloud in Rose Nude. I highly recommend EM Cosmetics lipsticks. The formulation is really nice, they’re long lasting, feel great and light on the lips, and it smells really good.


My last Glam Bag favorite is the SKYN ICELAND Berry Lip Fix with Wintered Red Algae. I put this in my skincare routine after I got it just to see and I can honestly tell you that I love it. It’s always been part of my routine to put something on my lips right before I go to bed, I wear a lot of lipsticks and different products and want to keep my lips healthy and soft. I normally use the Vanilla Softlips, and I love it, but I started alternating between that and this and my lips have never been softer. And if that wasn’t enough for you, it smells incredible. I will definitely be delving more into SKYN ICELAND.


Moving right along, I have a couple of app favorites. The first is Poshmark. I was going through my closet recently and found some pieces that I either hadn’t worn, don’t know why I bought them to begin with, or had worn once or twice but didn’t have a real place in my wardrobe anymore and I wanted to do something with them and found that Poshmark was the best app for the job. I made my first sale a couple of weeks ago and it was a really easy process. I highly recommend it and I have a couple of really cute shirts in my Posh closet right now, @kyrasage18 if you guys are interested. Let’s do some business :).

My second app favorite is the Design Home app. I’m one of those people that quite likes interior design and I have a couple of house flipping shows that I absolutely love. I will admit that when I first saw the ad for this app I was skeptical, but I downloaded it and I love it, it’s a lot of fun.

Next up I have a website favorite and that’s Etsy. I recently started my Christmas shopping and was looking for something specific for a friend of mine, I won’t say what on the off chance she reads this, but I found it, beautifully made and reasonably priced and I’m really happy with it.

My next favorite is something I discovered randomly, the other week I was scrolling through YouTube late at night looking for something to watch and I came across this segment from Michael McIntyre’s Big Show called Send To All. Basically what he does is takes the phone of a celebrity guest on the show, sends out a crazy text to all the contacts in that persons phone and reads out the replies. It is one of the funniest things and I think that Michael McIntyre is one of the funniest people, really makes me laugh.

My second to last favorite is Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving, the food, the fun and the ridiculous amount of laughter that comes with my family getting together. I made apple pie like always do and I was really pleased with the way it turned out, it was delicious. I really should make this pie more throughout the year.



And my last favorite is a song and it’s Hard To Say Sorry by Chicago. I listened to Chicago growing up, thanks Dad, and they have a ton of great songs, but this is probably my favorite song of theirs. It’s just one of those songs that I will belt out and I have no shame. If you haven’t heard it definitely  give it a listen.

That about wraps it up for this post, if we had any of the same favorites this month let me know and if not I’d love to know what you loved during November.

Until next time, enjoy your favorites and I hope you had a great November :).


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June favorites

Hi everyone,

As today is the last day of June I thought it would be the perfect time to do my June favorites. Honestly, this month went by so fast I can hardly believe that tomorrow is July 1st. Back to my favorites, I’m going to start with beauty. The first beauty favorite is the Balm, Balm Springs blush in Full Swing. I mentioned that I really like the blushes from the Balm in my June Glam Bag post, which I will leave a link to below if you haven’t read it yet. And I think this one is great, it’s a light pinky shade and it’s one of those great summer blushes for sure.


My next beauty favorite is the NYX Whipped Lip and Cheek Soufflé in Plush. I’m actually wearing this today and I’ve been loving it since I got it. The color is great, the texture is nice and it being whipped makes it light on your lips. And it smells like vanilla frosting and that’s always a plus. I love NYX and I would definitely recommend any of their products.



And my last beauty favorite is a nail polish. It’s from Trust Fund Beauty and it’s in the shade Game Changer. Trust Fund Beauty makes fantastic nail polishes in my opinion. The staying power is great and I really like the formulation. This one in particular is gorgeous, a perfect summer color.  If you’re looking for nail polish definitely check out Trust Fund Beauty.


My next favorite is actually an app and it’s WhatsApp. It’s been around for a while, but I didn’t have a use for it until recently and I so appreciate it. It really does make group chats so much easier.

Next I have a television favorite and it’s Pretty Little Liars. PLL just had it’s series finale and I’m so sad that it’s over. Yes, I may have gotten a little emotional when I watched it, but I’d been watching for so long, it was bound to happen. I’m not going to spoil anything if there’s anyone who hasn’t watched the finale yet. But I will say that I was right in my theory and I was okay with how it ended. It made sense to me. But now I have one less show to watch, so if any of you have good show recommendations let me know.

My last couple of favorites are music. The first is the band Take That. I love them always but recently I’ve been loving their latest album Wonderland. There isn’t a song on that album that I don’t like. Their Wonderland tour is brilliant, from the videos I’ve seen and I’m jealous because they aren’t doing an American tour. But for future reference, Gary Barlow, Mark Owen, Howard Donald, an American tour would be fantastic and much appreciated. Let me know what songs you guys are loving from the Wonderland album.

Next is a song and it’s Hold On by Michael Buble. This song came up on my Pandora and I’m so happy it did because it’s amazing and I love it. I actually found sheet music for it for the piano and I’m really excited to play it.

And my last favorite is Robbie Williams Heavy Entertainment Show album. From top to bottom it’s a fantastic album. Robbie is also on tour and again, based on the videos I’ve seen it’s a great show. I know it can be hard to put together a setlist when you have so many songs, but he’s done good. If you guys haven’t heard any of the songs or albums that I’ve mentioned look them up because they are all insanely good.

That about wraps it up for this post, if we have any of the same favorites let me know and if not let me know what you loved during June.

Until next time, enjoy your favorites and I hope you had a great June :).


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November favorites

Hi everyone,

As it is the end of November, I figured it was time to do my November favorites. I can’t believe how fast this year has gone and that it’s about to be December, but I have some fun December posts planned that I’m excited for and hopefully you guys will be too. But coming back to now, the first thing I wanted to talk about is Thanksgiving. If you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, then I hope you had a good Thursday anyway. This year my family had a pretty small gathering and it was really chill and fun. We ate too much food, played games and along with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, we watched all of the football games and it was a lot of fun. But to go with all of that, I made an apple pie and I’m really happy with how it came out and it was so good.



It did end up cracking a little when I took it out of the oven. But other than that I think it’s one of my favorites that I’ve made and I’ll link my two pie recipe post down below.

My next favorite is something that’s relatively new and that is The Grand Tour on Amazon. The Grand Tour is Amazon’s newest motoring show starring Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May formerly of Top Gear. So far I’ve only seen two episodes and I love it. Top Gear was one of my favorite shows and when everything went down I really hoped that the boys would be able to go somewhere else and have a show and I’m so happy they were able to. It’s so nice to see them happy and being able to do what they love. So definitely check it out if you haven’t yet.

My third favorite is also from Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May and that is their new motoring blog if you will, DriveTribe. Basically if you like something on wheels you’ll probably be able to find a tribe about it and if you can’t then you can start your own which I’m not going to lie, I have considered but we’ll see. But I think it’s a great platform to get people together and talk about a common interest. This just officially launched on Monday, so if you haven’t had a chance to look at it yet definitely do. They also have a DriveTribe app that you can download.


I’d also like to point out that The Grand Tour now has their own Snapchat filter because they’ve completely taken over social media and I’m not mad about it.

My next couple of favorites are items of clothing that I wear throughout the whole year, but wore a lot in November because it’s gotten cold.


This first thing is kind of a cardigan/ throw on and go type of thing. I got it from Forever 21 and I love it. It’s a nice grey that goes with pretty much everything and it’s lightweight and has a little bit of stretch to it so layering under it wouldn’t be and isn’t a problem.


This next one I wear a lot in the winter months. It’s a knitted acrylic fabric and it’s an off white with strips of black, grey, and a blue/green in between. I like that the sleeves are cuffed and it keeps me warm and again layering is not a problem. And it goes with most anything and versatility is pretty great. And I bought this at Kohl’s.


Next up we have a sweatshirt that I absolutely love. My sister bought me this for my birthday two years ago and I think it’s perfect for this time of year for a couple of reasons. The first being that it’s fleece on the inside so it’s one of the softest and warmest things I own. And the second is it’s football season and I love my Seahawks. It’s kind of hard to tell, but on the front it’s a heart with the number 12 inside of it. Us Seahawks fans like to call ourselves the 12s because there are eleven men on the field and we make enough noise to impact the game and the plays that we feel like we’re part of the team and the Seahawks feel that way too. There’s a reason a 12 flag flies on top of the Space Needle.


And my last item of clothing is this Under Armour sweatshirt. I got this last Christmas and there are times when I can pretty much live in it. It’s incredibly soft on the inside and warm, it’s thicker than my 12 sweatshirt so I can wear it in colder temperatures. I don’t usually wear a lot of pink, but this is the right amount. It’s offset by the grey and it has different shades of pink and other colors in the logo and the hood. It’s also part of their Storm series so if you’re wearing it out in the rain and if it’s not pouring the water will bead off of it which is a plus.

And my last two favorites are two apps. The first is Timehop. I have mine synched to my Instagram, Facebook and Camera Roll and a lot of the times it makes me cringe seeing things I’ve posted in the past, but sometimes it makes me laugh a lot. It’s a great app.

And the last one is Duolingo. If you don’t know Duolingo helps you learn different languages which I’m all about. I took a little bit of French in high school, but I don’t remember a lot of it so I’m relearning it on Duolingo and I love it. It makes it super easy and it’s fun.

That about wraps it up for this post, I always enjoy writing favorites posts and I can’t wait until the next one :).

Until next time, enjoy your favorites and I hope you had a good November :).


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