Too Faced You Drive Me Glazy Review

Hi everyone,

Happy New Year! For my first post of 2023, I have a review and this time it’s a review of the Too Faced You Drive Me Glazy Gift Set. If you’ve been reading for a bit, then you know that around the holidays I typically pick up one of the Too Faced sets. Out of all the ones they released this holiday season I like this one the best and thought that I would get the most use out of it.

So, this set comes with the palette, a mini mascara and an eyeliner. Being called You Drive Me Glazy, it is donut inspired and you can see that with the packaging and the shade names. However, like Too Faced likes to do, it’s supposed to be glazed donut scented and it’s just not. It does have a scent that’s vaguely sweet, but not enough for me to say ‘Oh wow, that smells like donuts.’

So, getting into it, the mascara it comes with is a mini of the Too Faced Better Than Sex. I don’t even have to say anything here, Better Than Sex is a holy grail mascara for so many people, myself included. It has a permanent spot in my makeup collection and it is honestly one of the only mascaras you’ll ever need. So good, so iconic.

One of the things that drew me to this set is that it came with an eyeliner and I hadn’t yet tried a Too Faced liner. The one in here is the Killer Liner Eyeliner Pencil in Killer Black. This says it’s a 36 hour waterproof eyeliner and in the couple of times that I’ve worn it, I can see that. Once you put it on, it’s on and I really like it. I definitely recommend giving it a try if you haven’t.

Moving to the palette, they certainly went big with this one. The packaging is honestly so cute, the outside says ‘Too Faced’ in gold and ‘You Drive Me Glazy’ in white and gold. There’s little stars/snowflakes dotted around that are also gold, there are four different donuts, on the bottom there’s one that’s with white and has a chocolate swirl, next to that is one that’s pink glazed with little round sprinkles. In the top right corner is a classic chocolate glazed donut with multicolored sprinkles and one the left side is a mint glazed donut with chocolate sprinkles. And to top it off, there is a pink and white ribbon like you might see on a box of donuts. Too Faced always does a fantastic job with their packaging and the little details.

Moving to the inside of the palette, they carried over the theme from the cover. The donuts are the same, but smaller with more of them and ‘Too Faced’ is written in the center in gold.

When it comes to the pans for this palette, they kept true to the theme and made them round and compared to holiday palettes of years past, the pan size is pretty good for how many there are. One thing about this palette is it’s not just eyeshadow, it’s eye and face and the face palette comes in the form of four large pans at the bottom.

All of the face products have a nice little shimmer to them and you get a decent shade range. From left to right, the first shade we have is Pink Poinsettia which is a very light pink, that is on the peachy/pink side but because it’s on the lighter side it’s very buildable. Next to that is Drive Me Glazy, which is what I would call a light orange/peachy shade but it’s so pretty. A light dusting of this would add so much to any spring/summer look. Then there’s Kiss Miss and I’ve already worn this and it’s not as bright as it photographs and it blends out really nicely. And the last shade is Fawned Of You, now I did do two layers of this in the swatch because in person it was looking a little light, but it photographed SUPER orange. It’s not that aggressive, but you can definitely tell it’s that orangey/brown and it’s super pigmented.

Now, onto the eyeshadows. There are 20 of them and I swatched them in the rows they appear. The first shadow we have is Son Of A Nutcracker, five points if you know what movie that’s from. But this is a medium nude matte shadow. Next to that is Tinsel In A Twist, a lighter brown shadow. Then there’s Ho Ho-Nut. This one is so pretty, I’ve already worn it and I like it a lot, but it’s a metallic pink champagne/light rose gold. Second to last is Drummer Girl, which is a matte and I would call this somewhere between a blush and pink mauve. And the last shadow in the row is Maple Bar, which is another brown but it’s more chocolate toned than the Tinsel In A Twist.

The second row starts with Bake It Happen which is another matte nude, but this one is more pink based. Next to that is Such A Snowflake, a really pretty metallic light champagne shadow. Then there’s Rum Pah Pum Pum, a brown that tone wise is between the browns in the first row, but this one was slightly patchy when I was swatching it, so I’ll be interested to see how it is on the eye. The second to last shadow is Dough What Fun, which is exactly what it says, it’s somehow that perfect nude/dough color. And the last shadow in the row is Jam-Packed. While it is very pretty and I like it a lot because of the pink/berry shade, I have to say I’m not in love with the performance of this shadow. I wore this the other day and as the day went on it just eroded away, so when I took my makeup off at the end of the night, there was very little of the shadow left on my lid. I am going to wear it again and see if anything changes and I hope it does.

The third row starts with Butter Half, which is a matte yellow, but it’s more of a yellow/orange. Next to that is Chocolate Hunk. This is a deep chocolate brown, I have this on today, and I really like it. It blends well and it’s very buildable. Then there’s Santa Claws, which is a metallic copper, which is a color I always really like. The second to last shadow is O Hole-y Night, which is matte light brown, but it reads like there’s an orange undertone. And the last shadow in the row is Chestnuts Roasting, which is a chestnut brown with gold glitter. This one was also a little patchy on the swatch, so again, I’ll be interested to see what it’s like on the eye.

The fourth and final row starts with S’more To Love, which is a metallic deep brown with multicolored shimmer. Next to that is Fir Sure, another metallic, but this one is a deeper green with brown undertones, think tree if you will and it also has multicolored shimmer. Then there’s Twinkle Sprinkle, I’m wearing this today and I quite like it. It’s a metallic yellow/gold. The second to last shadow we have is Blueberry Blitzen. This is such a pretty and unique shadow. I like it a lot, but it gives me mermaid/peacock vibes and it has pinky/purple shimmer. And the last shadow in the row is To All A Good Night, which is a matte black and honestly it’s something that every palette, especially one of this size, needs so it was a good choice.

That about wraps it up for this post, overall I really do like this palette and I’m excited to do more with it. Be on the lookout for a ‘Three Recent Looks’ post because that will definitely be happening at some point.

Until next time, have fun creating different looks and you can never have too many eyeshadow palettes :).


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