MCoBeauty Burgundy/Nudes Eyeshadow Palette Review

Hi everyone,

It’s been a minute but I’m back and I have a fun one! So, a little backstory, I did a care package swap with one of my close friends who lives in Australia. She sent me a whole box of goodness, and one of the things she included, because she knows me well, was the MCoBeauty Burgundy/Nudes Eyeshadow Palette. From what I understand about MCoBeauty is their whole thing is ‘luxury for less’ and they’re quite popular in Australia. I did find out that they have an international version of their website, so I’ve had a little look and they definitely have some items I would pick up.

But, back to the reason we’re here now, this is the Burgundy/Nudes palette and it is a nine pan palette with a mix of satin and metallic shadows.

I swatched these as they appear and these shadows don’t have names, so the first shadow in the first row is what I would call a light/medium metallic gold. What I noticed about all these shadows as I was swatching is they were all very smooth, seemed to be buildable and for the most part were nicely pigmented and gave you great color payoff. Next to that is a light rose gold satin and the last shadow in the row is what I would call a mix of a light/medium burgundy/a deep dusty rose. I quite like it.

The second row starts with a metallic copper and this one I did have to build up quite a bit to get the swatch that I did, so I’m interested to see this one on the eye. Next to that is a shadow that was in EVERY palette for a while. It’s that deep burgundy shade that has the gold undertones and I still think it’s a very nice shade. And the last shadow in this row is a deep rose gold metallic.

The last row starts with another metallic and this time it’s what I would call a light/medium rose gold but with more pink in it. It’s super pretty. Next to that is metallic that is very similar to the one in the row right above it with the gold undertone, but a few shades lighter and the last shadow in the row and in the palette is a deep purple satin. This would be the perfect shadow to use an eyeliner or to use if you want to create a smokey eye with this palette.

That about wraps it up for this post, overall I’m excited by this palette and can’t wait to give it a try. I’ll probably do a ‘Three Recent Looks’ with it at some point for look out for that.

Until next time, I hope you’re having a great holiday season and you can never have too many eyeshadow palettes :).


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