The NHRA took to Las Vegas this weekend, this time with quadruple the craziness. That’s
right, for the first time this season, the NHRA went four-wise and it did not disappoint.

For those who are unfamiliar, four wide racing is done in quads and there are a total of
three rounds as opposed to four and the first two racers to cross the finish line advance
until we get to the final round a singular race winner in crowned. It’s always exciting and
you never know what’s going to happen.

Starting with Top Fuel, the first quad of the day had three competitors and featured
Brittany Force, Antron Brown and Justin Ashley. Brittany and Antron advanced with a 3.72
and 3.82 respectively, outrunning Justin’s 3.89. The second quad featured Clay Millican,
Todd Paton, Billy Torrence and Jim Maroney. Clay Millican and Billy Torrence advanced
with a 3.75 and a 3.76, while Jim Maroney and Todd Paton had problems of their own. The
third quad featured Steve Torrence, Cameron Ferre, Leah Pruett and Greg Carrillo. Steve
and Leah were on solid a to b runs with a 3.75 and a 3.80, which were enough to outrun
Greg and Cameron’s 4.10 and 4.13. The fourth and final quad of round one featured Doug
Kalitta, Rob Passey, Shawn Langdon and Troy Bu. The Kalitta teammates both ran stout
3.75’s while Troy ran a 3.83 and Rob, a 5.23. Round two featured two quads and they both
had some incredible runs. The rst had Brittany Force, Antron Brown, Clay Millican and
Billy Torrence. Antron grabbed the win in that quad with a 3.76, while Clay picked up the
second win light with a 3.81 outrunning Brittany’s close but slower 3.81 and Billy who had
issues. Quad number two featured Steve Torrence, Leah Pruett, Doug Kalitta and Shawn
Langdon. Shawn and Leah both had issues and were out of it almost immediately, giving
Steve and his 3.77 and Doug and his 3.76, a trip to the finals. The final quad, let’s be
honest, was stacked. We have Steve Torrence and the Capco team, Doug Kalitta and the
Mac Tools team, Antron Brown and the Matco Tools team and Clay Millican and the
Denso/Parts Plus team. It was a close race, but Steve Torrence ended up taking home the
Wally with a 3.82, followed by Doug Kalitta (3.86), Clay Millican (3.91) and Antron Brown


Next we have Funny Car. The first quad of the day featured Robert Hight, Jonnie Lindberg,
Cruz Pedregon and JR Todd. JR and Robert managed to drive around Cruz and Jonnie with
a 3.95 and 3.98 to a 4.28 and 7.26. The second quad had Ron Capps, Bobby Bode, Bob
Tasca III and Jim Campbell. Bob and Ron had solid runs with a 3.91 and 3.93 to Bobby and
Jim’s 3.99 and 5.89. The third quad of the first round featured John Force, Chris Morel, Matt
Hagan and Blake Alexander. John picked up the win with a 3.92 and Matt was close behind
with a 3.93 while Blake ran a 3.95 and Chris a 4.20. The last quad of the round had Alexis
DeJoria, Terry Haddock, Chad Green and Tim Wilkerson. Tim picked up the win with a 3.91
and Alexis grabbed second with a 3.95 while Terry ran a 4.06 and Chad had problems.
Round two started with a very strong quad of JR Todd, Robert Hight, Bob Tasca III and Ron
Capps. This was a very close race, but Ron and his 3.93 and Bob and his 3.93 managed to
outrun Robert’s 3.95 and JR’s 3.98. The second quad also featured some tough
competitors in John Force, Matt Hagan, Tim Wilkerson and Alexis DeJoria. Matt and Tim
ran solid a to b run’s with a 3.92 and 3.94 respectively over John and Alexis’ 4.04 and 4.25
to put them into the finals. The final quad featured Bob Tasca III and the Ford team, Matt
Hagan and the MOPAR team, Tim Wilkerson and the LRS team and Ron Capps and the
NAPA Auto Parts team. This was a very close quad, but Bob Tasca III picked up the win with
a 3.93. Matt Hagan was second (3.95) followed by Tim Wilkerson (3.92) and Ron Capps


Moving on to Pro Stock, the first quad featured Greg Anderson, Fernando Cuadra, Val
Smeland and Aaron Stanfield. Greg Anderson picked up the win with a 6.63 with Aaron
Stanfield grabbing second with a 6.65 while Val ran a 6.69 and Fernando a 7.21. The second
quad had Kenny Delco, Erica Enders, Troy Coughlin Jr and Dallas Glenn. Dallas and Erica
outran Troy and Kenny with a 6.65 and 6.66 to a 6.64 and 6.68. The third quad featured
Matt Hartford, Cristian Cuadra, Deric Kramer and Mason McGaha. Mason grabbed the win
with a 6.69 with Deric coming second with a 6.67 followed by Matt’s 6.65 and Cristian’s
6.72. The last quad of round one featured Kyle Koretsky, Alex Laughlin, Chris McGaha and
Aaron Strong. Chris and Kyle bested Alex and Aaron with a 6.68 and 6.66 to a pair of 6.67’s.
The first quad in the second round featured Greg Anderson, Aaron Stanfield, Dallas Glenn
and Erica Enders. Aaron and Erica outran Greg and Dallas with a 6.66 and 6.65 to a 6.65
and 6.68. The second quad featured Mason McGaha, Deric Kramer, Chris McGaha and Kyle
Koretsky. Like a lot of Pro Stock races this was close, but Deric and Mason got themselves
into the finals with a 6.66 and 6.71 to Kyle and Chris’ 6.69 and 6.72. The final quad was
tough, it featured Erica Enders and the Melling Performance team, Aaron Stanfield and the
Elite team. Deric Kramer and the Get Biofuels team and Mason McGaha and the Harlow
Sammons team. The winner at the end was Erica Enders with a 6.65 followed by Aaron
Stanfield (6.66), Deric Kramer (6.65) and Mason McGaha (6.69).


And finally we have Pro Stock Motorcycle, they had thirteen bikes on the property this
weekend, so the quads weren’t even. The first quad featured Matt Smith, Karen Stoer
and Cory Reed. Matt and Cory picked up the win with a 6.88 and 6.98 while Karen went red.
The second quad featured Scotty Pollacheck, Jerry Savoie, Angelle Sampey and David
Barron. Scotty and Angelle advanced with a 6.92 and 6.88 while Jerry ran a 7.07 and David
had problems. The third quad had Angie Smith, Kelly Clontz and Ryan Oehler. Angie and
Ryan picked up the win with a 6.94 and 6.97 while Kelly ran a 7.21. The last quad of round
one featured Steve Johnson, Fred Camarena and Chip Ellis. Chip and Steve picked up the
win with a 6.95 and 6.93 while Fred ran a 7.15. Both quads in the second round were
stacked full of tough competitors. The first had Matt Smith, Cory Reed, Scotty Pollacheck
and Angelle Sampey. Scotty and Cory ran solid runs with a 6.93 and 6.97 while Matt and
Angelle ran a 7.07 and 7.72. The second quad had Angie Smith, Ryan Oehler, Steve Johnson
and Chip Ellis. Steve and Ryan got themselves into the finals with a 6.93 and 6.98 while Chip
and Angie ran a 7.06 and 7.19. The final quad was definitely a tough one and featured
Scotty Pollacheck and the Denso/Strutmasters team, Cory Reed and the Reed
Motorsports team, Steve Johnson and the Steve Johnson Racing team and Ryan Oehler
and the B&K Cylinder Heads team. Ryan Oehler took home the win with a 6.91 followed by
Cory Reed (6.98), Steve Johnson (issues so no time) and Scotty Pollacheck (6.91 but red).


The next race will be the Lucas Oil NHRA Southern Nationals, April 30th – May 2nd in
Atlanta, Georgia.

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