Too Faced Christmas In London Review

Hi everyone,

Happy 2022! I hope you all had a great holiday season enjoyed your break. I definitely enjoyed mine, but I’m excited to be back. For my first post of the year I thought it would be fun to do a review of one of the makeup items I got for Christmas and that is the Too Faced Christmas In London limited edition makeup collection.

Because this is a London themed collection, the outside of the palette has a London winter scene. A classic London taxi, Big Ben in the center with a bow on it, the London Eye in the background and two buildings. One has the Union Jack on the top with people having a Christmas party inside and the other has a chimney sweep on top and inside it’s more chill. Of course Santa and the reindeer can be seen flying across the top. In addition to the palette, you get a mini mascara.


The mini mascara you get is the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. This is a holy grail product for a lot of people, myself included. The formula is great, it doesn’t clump, flake or transfer. The brush grabs all of your lashes and it gives you the perfect amount of volume and length. This is always a mascara I recommend. 


The palette itself is interesting and I say that because in it you get 4 different blushes and 20 eyeshadows. This palette is also scented, it says it smells like English Toffee, which I don’t quite get, but it does have a pleasant sweetness to it.


The top of the palette looks very similar to the outside with the exception of the London taxi.


With the blushes and the eyeshadows there’s a mix of finishes, you have mattes and shimmers, as well as a good range of colors. The pan size of the blushes is pretty good and while the eyeshadow pans are smaller, it doesn’t seem like they’re small when you’re dipping into them. 


Starting with the blushes, the first shade we have is The People’s Princess, which is a medium shimmery pink. Then we have Pretty & Punk, which is a more true pink. Next to that is Carnaby Sweet, a peachy/orange shade. I mixed Carnaby Sweet and Pretty & Punk together when I was testing the palette and it created a very pretty color. And the last blush we have is Spice Girl, which is a darker pink. And since we’re on the subject, I’d love to know who our favorite Spice Girl is because at one point we all had one. 


Moving on to the shadows, I swatched these in the rows they appear in in the palette. The first shadow we have is Chrimbo Vibes, which is a very light white/nude shadow. Next to that is Christmas Queen, a light/medium matte brown. Then there’s Figgy Pudding, a pinky/purple shimmer with pink undertones and pink/purple/white flecks in it. And the last shadow in the row is Tea At The Ritz and that is a matte chocolatey brown. 


The second row starts with You Can’t Hyde, a matte mauve shade, that I did build up a bit in the swatch, and I do really like. Next to that is Tower Of Lovin’, a matte peachy/nude shade. Then there’s Saville Bow, a matte lilac and the last shadow in the row is Butter My Biscuit, a super pretty gold shimmer. 


The third row starts with Too Faced At Carnaby, this is probably one of my favorite shadows in this palette, it’s a light pink shimmer. So pretty. Next to that is Piccadilly Thrilly, a matte, dark rosy pink. Then there’s Boxing Day, a rose gold shimmer. And the last shadow in the row is Mulled Wine, which is that shimmery maroon with the gold shift that was in so many palettes in 2021. 


The fourth, and second to last row, starts with Abbey Snowed, a matte nude. Next to that is Baking In The Tent, shoutout to my fellow GBBO lovers, which is a a matte similar to Christmas Queen, but a shade or two deeper. Then there’s Press For Champagne, a shimmery white with a purple shift that would be perfect as a topper or for highlighting under the brows or in the inner corner of the eye. And the last shadow in the row is Father Christmas, which is a shimmery copper. 


The last and fifth row of this palette starts with Christmas In The Cotswold, which is a light matte brown. Next to that is London, Actually which is a lighter gold shimmer. Next to that is Last Christmas, a super pretty green shimmer that I can’t wait to try because it just seems like one of those shadows that’s going to be gorgeous on. And the last shadow in the row is Spotted Dick and that is a matte, super deep chocolate brown. 


That about wraps it up for this post, if you got any new makeup for Christmas I’d love to know what you got. I will be doing a ‘Three Recent Looks’ with this palette, I might do two, one with the neutrals and one with the other colors. So look out for that. 

Until next time, enjoy creating different looks, you can never have too many eyeshadow palettes and here’s to a great 2022 :).

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