Blogmas Day Four: Christmas Nails

Hi everyone,

Welcome to Blogmas Day Four! Today I’m going to talking about my Christmas nails but this year it’s a little different. If you’ve read Blogmas in the past then you know that typically when I talk about Christmas nails it’s because I’ve done a different festive manicure each week throughout the month, but this year that’s not the case.

I was doing a different manicure every week/two weeks throughout the year in general and it was really starting to take a toll on my nails. So for about 6-ish months I didn’t do anything with my nails except let them grow and maintain them and it really helped. They’re much healthier and back to looking how they should.

What I’ve been doing now that I’m back to polish is doing one for the whole month. If it chips I do fix it, but beyond that it’s one for the month and I can see the difference in my nails. They’re still super healthy and look great which I’m happy about.

When it came to deciding what I wanted to do for my Christmas nails this year I went and looked at the designs I had done in the past and drew inspiration from that.

What I did was red with silver sparkles. To do that I used the Sinful Colors 852, GoGo Girl red on all but one finger. For the silver I used the Sinful Colors 923, Queen of Beauty and put that on the remaining finger. I sealed it with the Pure Ice High Shine Top Coat 1025.



I haven’t done nails with the one that’s different in so long, so it was kinda fun to do it again. I always like the extra pop it brings and overall I’m really happy that I went with this look. 

That about wraps it up for this post, if we did similar Christmas nail designs let me know and if not I’d love to know what you Christmas nails look like. 

Until next time, have fun doing your nails and I’m glad you’re enjoying Blogmas :). 


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