Malibu Barbie x ColourPop Eyeshadow Palette Review

Hi everyone,

Today I have a really fun post. This one is all about a review of the brand new Malibu Barbie x ColourPop palette. When I saw the pictures for this collection I was excited about it. Barbie was a huge part of my childhood and when you’re a kid you think about how cool it would be to have Barbie makeup and generally the closest you get to that is if a doll comes with some sort of lipstick/hair thing. But now, as adults, there are more and more cosmetics brands doing collaborations with Barbie, so we get to experience what we wanted as kids and it’s exciting.

Every part of this palette fits the Malibu Barbie vibe. The palette itself is a medium pink with the sun, sea, beach and a palm tree with ‘Barbie x ColourPop’ written at the top and ‘Malibu Barbie’ in the middle.

You get a nice mirror with this palette. It had a pink boarder with the sun in the top right corner, and some clouds in the top right and left corners and ‘Barbie x ColourPop’ written in the middle. 

This is a 15 pan palette with a mix of matte and metallics and a really fun range of colors. There are a lot of fun and bright colors, but this seems like a very versatile palette.

The first row starts with Cali Girl, a really pretty metallic soft champagne. Next to that is Vintage Doll, which is a baby pink metallic with a hot pink shift. Then there’s Come On, a metallic bronzey/gold. Next to that is Let’s Go Party, which is a matte peachy coral but this one has a rainbow shaped stamped into it. And the last shadow in the row is Shine On, a metallic rose gold with more cool undertones. 

The second row starts with West Coast, a really bright matte yellow that is a deeper yellow and I would say it’s very close to canary. Next to that is Best Coast, which is a really bright matte pink with a heart stamped into it. Then there’s Follow The Sun, a really pretty metallic hot pink. Next to that is Malibu Memories, a matte turquoise that I love. It can hard to formulate shades like this, but this one is really pigmented and swatched nice and smooth. The last shadow in the row is Zuma Beach, a nice medium toned warm brown. 

The third row starts with Make Waves, a matte peachy shade with yellow undertones and a palm tree stamped into it. Next to that is Board Walk, which is a really warm coral/peach. Then there’s Surf’s Up, a metallic turquoise that I can’t wait to wear, it’s so pretty. Next to that is 1971, a metallic light copper that has pink undertones, it’s an interesting shadow but I like it. And the last shadow in the row is So-Cal, a matte really bright orange with a heart stamped into it. 

That about wraps it up for this post, overall I think this is a great palette and I can’t wait to play with it. Everything seems really pigmented, the formulas are nice like always and you appear to get great color payoff from every shadow. This is definitely going to be one of those palettes that a ton of fun looks come out of. If any of you have purchased this palette or anything from the collection I’d love to know what. 

Until next time, have fun creating different looks and you can never have too many eyeshadow palettes :). 


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