August BoxyCharm Pop Up Sale Haul

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I finally received my BoxyCharm Pop Up Sale order and I thought that today would be the perfect day to go through it. I wasn’t really looking for anything specific during the sale but I did end up buying one thing and I’m excited about.

What I bought is a MAC lipstick. They had a couple of color options, but I went with 640, Red Rock. I had a slight uh oh moment yesterday because it was a warm day and this sat in my mailbox, which retains quite a lot of heat, for a good amount of time and when I opened it I noticed it was sweating. I had to do some googling and quite a few websites said to put it in the fridge so I did and it worked like a charm. So if your lipsticks ever start sweating the fridge is the place to put them.



This lipstick is really creamy, highly pigmented and has a matte finish. This is what I would call a classic red. There was at least one other color option, it was a bright pink, but MAC does red so well that I couldn’t resist. 


I’m of the school of thought that you can never have too many red lipsticks. I can already tell this is going to be perfect for the holidays and I can’t wait to wear it. 


That about wraps it up for this post, if any of you shopped the August Boxy Pop Up Sale let me know what you got and if not I’d love to know what your favorite MAC lipstick is, 

Until next time, have fun shopping and you can never have too many lipsticks :).


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