July Favorites

Hi everyone,

As it’s the end of the month I thought it would be the perfect time to do my July favorites. I have a pretty fun mix this month, so let’s get into it.

Starting with beauty, I have a couple of favorites from my July BoxyCharm box and if you haven’t read that I’ll leave a link below. My first BoxyCharm favorite is the Clean Skin Club Vitamin C Brightening Booster. This has pineapple, watermelon and green tea extracts and it’s supposed to brighten your complexion, protect against UV damage and  help reduce signs of aging. I’ve been using this since I got it and I really like it. I can feel and see a difference in my skin. This also smells really good and it says on their website that it’s good for normal, oily, combination, dry and sensitive skin. So if you’re looking for a new element in your skincare routine I recommend this.


My next Boxy favorite is the Ciate London Everyday Vacay Coconut Setting Spray. I cannot say enough good things about this, I love it. It’s infused with fresh coconut extract so you get that nice tropical, summery smell and has micro pearls so you get a glowy and dewy finish. It also comes out in a really fine mist and I prefer that in a setting spray. This dries down pretty fast and doesn’t leave you with a sticky or tacky feeling, it does lock in your makeup and the glow you get is enough that you can see it but it’s not over the top. I definitely recommend giving this a try if you haven’t.


My last Boxy favorite is the Lavish Quick Color Switch Dry Brush Cleaner. This is a spongey brush cleaner that you swirl your brush on and it removes the pigment. I’ve been using this since I got it and I think it’s a great little tool to have. It picks up the pigment pretty quickly and basically does exactly what it says on the tin. I appreciate that this is easy to clean, you wash it with your favorite cleanser and let it dry before putting it back in the container.



And my last beauty favorite is my 4th of July makeup look. I did do a post all about this look and how I did it, which I’ll link below, but I had a lot of fun with this look and I’m really happy with how it turned out.


Moving on I have a gardening favorite and it’s my sunflowers. Last summer I grew sunflowers for the first time, but when I got them they were starts and this year I decided I wanted to try and grow them from seed. I bought a packet of the heirloom sunflowers so when they bloom they should be multicolored, which I’m excited about. This year has been a little rough on them, in the beginning slugs really ate them and I was convinced they weren’t going to grow at all but I searched a ton of different gardening websites and they all recommended using copper tape which I did buy. Since putting the copper tape around my planter the slugs are gone and the sunflowers have really grown and I’m super happy with them.


And my last favorite, a music favorite, is the reissue of Paul McCartney’s Flaming Pie album, this album has also been remastered. Although the massive reissue doesn’t come out in full until July 31st, there have been a few songs released already. Flaming Pie isn’t an album I’ve listened to a lot over the years, I know a small handful of the songs, but I’m excited about the reissue as a whole. There are different versions of the reissue you can get, the lavish collector’s edition includes five CDs, two DVDs and four LPs. The deluxe edition includes five CDs and two DVDs. You can also get individual editions in the form of three LPs, two LPs and two CDs. It will also be on Spotify and other streaming platforms. If you haven’t heard of the Flaming Pie album I would definitely recommend giving it a listen.

That about wraps it up for this post, if we had any of the same favorites this month let me know and if not I’d love to know what your favorites were.

Until next time, enjoy your favorites and I hope you had a great July :).


July BoxyCharm Post: https://atomic-temporary-54204526.wpcomstaging.com/2020/07/20/july-2020-boxycharm-unboxing/

4th of July Makeup Look Post: https://atomic-temporary-54204526.wpcomstaging.com/2020/07/10/4th-of-july-makeup-look/

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