Pur Cosmetics Festival 2.0 Palette First Impression And Review

Hi everyone,

Today I thought it would be fun to give a first impression and full review of a palette I received in my July BoxyCharm box, the Pur Cosmetics Festival 2.0 palette. When I did the BoxyCharm unboxing I included swatches of the palette but didn’t give any real opinion because I wanted to do this post. I’ve currently done two looks with the palette, I’m wearing it today, so I have some opinions.

The packaging is very different from the first festival palette, the first one is oranges, ferris wheels and very much Coachella. This one has silver swirls with a holographic shift and ‘festival 2.0’ is outlined in various colors.


You get 12 shadows in this palette, 6 are shimmery/glittery shadows, 4 are mattes and there’s 2 satins. You get a nice size mirror as well.  When I first saw this palette I was immediately interested in it because I thought the color story was really versatile. You do have the bright shades and more out there colors, but there’s also some nice neutrals and transition shades. Like I mentioned, I’ve already done two looks with this, they’re vastly different from each other and just looking at it a few more instantly come to mind.


Now for some swatches, I swatched on my arm and did them row by row as they appear in the palette. The first row starts with Euphoric, cream toned glitter. Then there’s Pure Bliss, a medium toned gold glitter. Next to that is Photo Op and that is a matte in a light orangey brown. The last shadow in the row is Dreamland, a matte peachy salmon shade.


The second row starts with one of the satins, Turn It Up. This is a vibrant hot pink shade. Next to that is Insta-Worthy, this is a matte pinky brown. Then there’s Vibes, I think this is similar to Insta-Worthy but this a glitter and has more purple in it. The last shadow in this row is On Set which is a matte more chocolatey brown.


The last row is the most colorful and it starts with Utopia, a lighter blue glitter with flecks of white and yellow glitter. Then there’s Electric, a deep blue glitter, based on the swatch alone, this might be my favorite shadow in the palette. Next to that is Fantasy World, the other satin, and this is magenta-ish in shade and the last shadow in the row is VIP Pass. I called this shadow complex and it really is, it’s a deeper green but it has gray undertones and flecks of silver glitter.


When I was swatching these shadows what I gathered was that the mattes seemed really smooth and they went on really well. The glitters were really pigmented, caught the light nicely and didn’t seem to have any chunky glitter which can be a pain to deal with. Upon using them I found out that my first impressions were correct. All the shadows are pigmented, the mattes are buildable and blend out really nicely, the glitters are nice on the eyes. The color comes through and you get that pop when they catch the light. This is a palette I would recommend and I do recommend it because it’s just that good. This is a very versatile palette and I think for a 12 pan palette it’s well priced. I did a little research on the first Festival palette to see the difference between the two and I think it’s safe to say I’ll be placing an order for the Festival palette sometime soon.

That about wraps it up for this post, I will be doing a Recent Looks post about this palette so look out for that. If any of you guys have the Festival 2.0 palette I’d love to know what your favorite look is that you’ve done.

Until next time, have fun creating different looks and you can never have too many eyeshadow palettes :).


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