Sephora Haul; Too Faced, KVD And More

Hi everyone,

Recently I placed a little Sephora order and because I just got everything delivered, I thought it would be the perfect time to go through it and show you what I bought with a little review thrown in.

The first thing I picked up is the Too Faced Pretty Rich Diamond Light Eyeshadow palette. I’ve been wanting this for a while, I think it’s a gorgeous palette and it was on sale, so it was the perfect time to get it.


This palette is a diamond shape with 16 shadows and a cute little mirror on the top.


Within these 16 shadows you get 4 gel pressed glitters and those are the ones that are shaped like diamonds. I really like the way this palette is laid out and the color story is quite nice.


I swatched this on my arm row by row like it shows in the palette. The first row is more like lighter to medium neutrals. The first shadow we have is the glitter and it’s Diamonds For Breakfast. This is a silvery glitter with a little bit of red and brown glitter mixed in. Next to that is It’s Designer, a really light matte nude, then there’s Fancy That, a matte taupey shade. And the last shade in the row is Filthy Rich, a shimmery lighter brown with gold shimmer. I can tell this is going to be one of my go to shadows.


The second row is all about pinks. The first shadow we have is Clutch Your Pearls. In the pan this looks like a nice white with maybe a little pink/purple, but when this hits the light it’s incredible. It has that duo chrome effect so when it is in the light you really see that pinky purple. It’s so pretty. Next to that is Princess Cut, this is a super pretty goldy/pink. It is on the lighter side but it does have some bigger glitter flecks in it that really pump up the shadow. Then there’s the glitter, Diamond Glitterati. This is a deeper pink and when I look at this it makes me think Barbie. The last shadow in this row is Highly Selective and that is a shimmery rose gold.


The third row is golds and browns and starts with the glitter, Fluent In Diamonds. This is a medium gold and if you were wanting a straight up gold glitter, this would be the one to pick. Next to that is It’s Cashmere, a matte cashmere brown, this would be a great transition shade. Then there’s Don’t Carat All, which is a shimmery gold that is somewhere between light and medium, it doesn’t have as yellow of an undertone as Fluent In Diamonds. And the last shadow in this row is Oh, That’s Rich! and that is a deep chocolate matte brown.


And the last row is the deeper shades, silvers, blues and black. The first shadow we have is Coal Under Pressure. This is what I would call somewhere between a medium and deep black, you can see a little bit of maybe blue when you swatch it and it has these big flecks of silver glitter. Next to that is Silver Spoon, which is deeper shimmery silver and it looks like it has some blue undertones as well. It’s unlike any other silver shadow I have. Then there’s Set The Jewel Tone, which is a shadow I’m super excited about. This is an absolutely gorgeous shimmery blue, it’s almost sapphire blue. And the last shadow in this row is the glitter, Diamond Life. This is going to be a great topper for a number of looks. It has a mix of white, blue, black and a darker silver glitter. It’s a very well thought out glitter in my opinion.


I’m honestly so impressed with this palette, if these shadows are as good on the eye as they were in the swatches, then I can see this becoming one of my most used palettes.

The next thing I picked up is a KVD Vegan Beauty Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade Muneca. I have a few of the Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks and they’re some of my favorites. The formulas are great and they have fantastic staying power. This one in particular is a peachy/salmony pink which is a shade I really like and it’s absolutely perfect for summer.



The last thing I want to talk about is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Brag Mascara. I had been really wanting to try this out before committing to buy the full size or even the mini, and I was able to get one of the deluxe samples. I was initially excited to try this because I had been hearing good things and with this you do get a good size wand, but honestly, at least for me, it’s just alright. It’s not the worst mascara I’ve ever used but it’s certainly not the best. It just didn’t give me as much volume or length as I was hoping for.



That about wraps it up for this post, overall I’m super happy with everything and I can’t wait to use the palette and the lipstick.

Until next time, have fun shopping and you can never have too many eyeshadow palettes, or liquid lipsticks :).


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