Racing in New Hampshire

Hi everyone,

This weeks race took us to Epping, New Hampshire for the NHRA New England Nationals and what a race it was.

Before we get into it it’s important to note that both Steve Torrence and Andrew Hines have officially clinched their spots in the Countdown.

Now, starting with Top Fuel and with 13 cars, the ladder looked like this; #1 Clay Millican (3.79), #2 Richie Crampton (3.82) vs #13 Audrey Worm (9.23), #3 Doug Kalitta (3.84) vs #12 Terry McMillen (6.31), #4 Antron Brown (3.84) vs #11 Cameron Ferre (5.88), #5 Scott Palmer (3.87) vs #10 Dan Mercier (4.27), #6 Austin Prock (3.89) vs #9 Steve Torrence (4.17) and #7 Brittany Force (3.90) vs #8 Dom Lagana (3.92). The winners and who they would face in the second round were Clay Millican (3.91) and Dom Lagana (3.86), Antron Brown (4.01) and Scott Palmer (3.89), Richie Crampton (3.82), and Terry McMillen (3.86) and Steve Torrence (3.75). The semifinals were Clay Millican (3.81) vs Scott Palmer (4.25) and Richie Crampton (4.17) vs Steve Torrence (3.88). The finals featured Scott Palmer (3.90) and the Magic Dry team and Steve Torrence (3.83) and the Capco team. With the winner being Steve Torrence (3.86). This is Steve’s seventh win of the season.

Next we have Funny Car, and with 15 cars, the ladder looked like this; #1 JR Todd (4.02), #2 Bob Tasca (4.03) vs #15 Jeff Diehl (17.39), #3 Ron Capps (4.03) vs #14 Mike Smith (9.89), #4 Robert Hight (4.04) vs #13 Terry Haddock (4.33), #5 Shawn Langdon (4.04) vs #12 Jim Campbell (4.16), #6 Matt Hagan (4.05) vs #11 Jack Beckman (4.11), #7 John Force (4.05) vs #10 Cruz Pedregon (4.08) and #8 Tommy Johnson Jr (4.06) vs #9 Tim Wilkerson (4.07). The winners and who they would face in the second round were JR Todd (4.54) and Tim Wilkerson (4.25), Robert Hight (4.03) and Shawn Langdon (4.03), Bob Tasca (4.00) and Cruz Pedregon (4.51) and Ron Capps (3.98) and Matt Hagan (3.95). The semifinals were Tim Wilkerson (4.24) vs Shawn Langdon (3.99) and Bob Tasca (4.02) vs Matt Hagan (3.99). The finals featured Shawn Langdon (4.00) and the Global Electronic Technology team and Matt Hagan (4.00) and the Mopar team. With the winner being Matt Hagan (4.01). This is Matt’s second win of the season.

The next race will be the Dodge Mile High NHRA Nationals, July 19-21 in Denver, Colorado aka the start of the Western Swing.

Until next time, congrats to all the winners and I can’t wait for the next race :).


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