Earfleek Review

Hi everyone,

Happy Friday! Today I’m going to be continuing my ‘trying new subscription boxes/services in 2019’ series. This time it’s Earfleek. Earfleek is an earring subscription and each month you get a new pair of earrings. There are two tiers which you can choose from, the first is the normal subscription and it’s $3.49 a month and the second is Premiere which is $9.93 a month but you get free shipping with both. They both have the same four categories you can pick from, Silly & Fun, Minimalist But Groovy, Boho Babe and I Don’t Give A Hoot (which is a mix of all three). With the premiere tier they say you get earrings that have more pop, color and personality but no matter what the earrings are nickel free. I wanted to try this out because I had heard about it and was half interested, because I love a good pair of earrings, and half skeptical of what the quality would be because of the price.

So when I signed up I did the normal subscription and chose I Don’t Give A Hoot because I liked the chance to try everything. It was delivered quickly and I quite like the packaging. It comes in a little envelope that is pop art style. This one has blue polka dots and says “Fashion is more art than art is” – Andy Warhol.


When you open the envelope you pull out a card that is folded in half and has the earrings sitting in it. I think this is a smart thing to do because this card in particular has a bunch of contact information for the brand on it but because it’s pretty sturdy cardstock and the earrings are wrapped in a little sheet of bubble wrap, it eliminates the need for any crazy packaging. It can just be little and cute which totally matches the brand.


When you take the earrings out of the bubble wrap they’re in a little plastic resealable pouch and the ends of the earrings are stuck in a little piece of rubber so they don’t move around.


Now, the earrings themselves I absolutely love. They’re rose gold stick style earrings and they’re about an inch and a half long. I love how simple they are but they also bring a little pop to a look without being over the top. I have worn these and they’re really light, which I appreciate. And quality wise they feel solid.


That about wraps it up for this post, overall I enjoyed my Earfleek experience and I would do it again.

Until next time, you can never have too many pairs of earrings and what subscription box should I try next? 🙂


Earfleek: https://www.earfleek.com

Twitter: @KSagerson

Instagram: Kyra Sage

Poshmark: KyraSage18

Pinterest: Kyra Sage

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