Racing in Chicago

Hi everyone,

This week’s race took us to Chicago, Illinois for the Route 66 NHRA Nationals and what a crazy race it was. There were explosions, red lights and more. Leah Pritchett blew a tire in the first round and managed to keep her car off the wall and in Pro Stock motorcycle Jianna Salinas got her first round win then had a crash, which she walked away from, in round two. These of course can be seen on the NHRA’s YouTube channel if you have yet to see them.

Normally this is were I would start with Top Fuel, but I had written all my notes in a document on my computer that appears to not have saved. So I’m going to do the finals of each category and let you know how those unfolded.

In Top Fuel, the finals featured Mike Salinas (4.08) and the Scrappers Racing team and Steve Torrence (3.80) and the Capco team. With the winner being Steve Torrence (3.76). This is Steve’s fourth win of the season.

Next we have Funny Car, where the finals featured Robert Hight (4.10) and the AAA team and Tommy Johnson Jr (3.97) and the Make-A-Wish team. With the winner being Tommy Johnson Jr (4.17). This is Tommy’s first win of the season.

Moving on we have Pro Stock, where the finals featured Erica Enders (6.57) and the Melling Performance team and Deric Kramer (6.55) and the American Ethanol team. With the winner being Deric Kramer (6.53). This is Deric’s first win of the season.

And finally we have Pro Stock Motorcycle, where the finals featured Karen Stoffer (6.87) and the Suzuki/Ray Skillman team and Matt Smith (6.83) and the Denso team. With the winner being Matt Smith (6.80). This is Matt’s first win of the season.

The next race will be the Menards NHRA Heartland Nationals, June 7-9 in Topeka, Kansas.

Until next time, congrats to all the winners and I can’t wait for the next race :).


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