Snack Crate Unboxing and Review

Hi everyone,

Today I have a fun post for you. I recently discovered Snack Crate, which is a monthly subscription box where you get snacks from all over the world. I’m always down to try foods from different countries so this seemed like a fun thing to try out. Because this is my first box I got to choose which country I wanted it from and I chose the UK.

So when you first open it there’s a Snack Crate sticker and a pamphlet that gives you information about the country and tells you about the snacks in your box. SC1

Under that is the snacks and they’re wrapped together in tissue paper that’s sealed with a Union Jack sticker.


And then there’s your snacks. In this box, which is the mini, you get six. Two bags of chips and four sweets. Full disclosure, I did open the chips before I took these pictures because I was a little hungry when I received the box.


The first snack we have is Walker’s French Fries in Worcester Sauce flavor. I know that Walker’s is Lay’s UK division so I figured it would be a solid chip. I was super intrigued by these because of the flavor. I like Worcester sauce so I was hopeful that I would like these and I definitely do. These look exactly like French fries, they’re light and crispy and the flavor is spot on. They’re tangy and savory and I would definitely buy a bigger bag of these.




The second bag of chips is the Nando’s Peri-Peri Chicken Grooves. I watch quite a few British YouTubers so I hear a lot about Nando’s and it’s on my list of places to eat in the UK. These are groove cut, so they’re like Ruffles. Taste wise I would compare these to Chicken Top Ramen but with more spice. They’re very peppery with a citrus hint.




Moving on to the sweet side, the first thing we have is Millions Vimto. I had to do a little bit of research on this one because I didn’t know what Vimto was, it’s a juice drink with grapes, raspberries and blackcurrants. These are chewy candy balls and they’re pretty good. Now that I’ve had these I’d like to try a glass of Vimto and see what it’s like in juice form.




Next up we have the Wham Original Bar. This is a taffy bar that is really fruity, tangy and has little sour pieces that give a great pop of flavor. I liked this a lot more than I thought I would and this is the type of candy I would go for if I wanted something fruity.




The second to last candy we have is Cadbury Twirl. We do have Cadbury in the US, but it’s not the exact same products. Because I love Cadbury chocolate, I was excited to see this. You do get two in the pack, but for this I only needed one. What these are is milk chocolate fingers that are flaked on the inside, then covered in smooth chocolate on the outside. This has to be one of the best candy bars I’ve had. It’s really light and soft on the inside and you get a really great, true chocolate flavor. I would definitely recommend trying one of these if you haven’t.





And the last candy we have is Cadbury Crunchie. I’ve heard a lot about these and always thought it sounded interesting because it’s chocolate on the outside and honeycomb on the inside. I personally haven’t had any experience with honeycomb flavored candy, but this is really good. It’s light, brown sugary and sweet without being overly sweet. I would 100% eat this again.




That about wraps it up for this post, overall I quite like Snack Crate and this is something that I would do again.

Until next time, you can never try too many subscription boxes and enjoy your snacks :).


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