ColourPop She Palette Review

Hi everyone,

Today is the 4th anniversary of this blog and I wanted to talk about something fun. I do want to also say thank you to each and every one of you for reading, liking, following, commenting, everything. It means the world to me and I’m looking forward to more in the future. Moving on to the subject of this post, I was doing a little shopping recently and found myself on the ColourPop website. I love ColourPop, so I bought a couple of things and one of them was the Karrueche x ColourPop She Palette. I don’t really have a palette with these colors, at least not all together, and these shadows are gorgeous so it was a no brainer for me. I think the outside of the palette is adorable, the roses are matte, the white She is matte and the rose gold lettering in the middle is shiny.




This palette has 12 shadows, the top row is a lighter shimmer, the middle row is metallic and the bottom row is matte. I did use this palette the other day, and I completely forgot to take pictures, but I’m loving it. You get a really good color payoff from these and they’re nicely pigmented.


I swatched all of these on my arm, and on the top row you have Ladylike, which is a really pretty champagney gold shade. Then you have Babe, a nice light peach shade. Next to that is Dainty, a purpley pink shade and Chick, which is an orangey gold.



The second row starts off with Mademoiselle, which is a deep rose gold-ish, next to that is Gal and the swatch doesn’t really do it justice. It’s a very pretty red/pink and it has sparkles that are a different pink so you get a nice contrast. The third shadow is Empress and it’s a really nice purple. And the last shadow in the row is Filly, which is a lovely burnt orange



The mattes start off with Dear and that is a rosey color, next is Missy and that is a deep burgundy shade. Then you have Damsel, which is a nice purple, I would call it violet. And finally we have Duchess and that is a coraly orange.


That about wraps it up for this post, if you guys have this palette which shadow is your favorite and what’s your favorite look you’ve created using it?

Until next time, have fun creating looks and you can never have too many eye shadow palettes :).


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