Blogmas Day Eight: Winter Fashion

Hi everyone,

Welcome to Blogmas Day Eight! Today I’m going to be talking about winter fashion. The weather around here has been pretty cold and recently there was a stretch of about a week/week and a half where it was absolutely freezing. So I wanted to share with you guys an example of how I’ve been dressing this winter. I have four different looks, so let’s get into it.

The first is for the days when it’s absolutely freezing and bundling up is the only option.


Here I’ve gone for a hat, scarf (which is tucked into my jacket), winter jacket (this jacket is a bomber style jacket and I love that it keeps me so warm but isn’t too bulky) and warm boots. Normally I’ll wear a pair of gloves, either black or silver, but I keep those in my handbag all winter anyway.

This second look is for those days when it’s a little bit cold but not so much that you need a massive jacket. And really if you wanted to not wear a massive jacket during winter you probably could get away with it with the right layers.


So I went with a long sleeve gray sweater, it’s not a super thick material so you can wear it for multiple seasons and not just winter. Then I have a black vest with a faux fur collar, this vest is a little bit puffy so it keeps you warm. And I paired it with a these over the knee boots from JustFab. These are the Lyrica boots in black and they’re actually quite comfortable. JustFab and ShoeDazzle are two of my favorite places to shop for boots because they have such a great selection, so I’ll leave some links down below.

My third look is the cozy look. For the time in the day/weekend when you want to get cozy and just chill.


This one is pretty basic. I’ll go for a sweatshirt, the one I choose depends on how cold I am because they’re all vary in thickness. A pair of leggings, again, how cold I am will depend on the length of the leggings. And my slippers, these are from Deerfoam and they’re the best, so warm and comfy. Plus they have tread on the bottom so I can wear them outside if I need to without worrying about ruining them.

And my last winter look is the dressed up look. This or a version of this is what I’ll be wearing to Christmas parties/on Christmas Eve this year.


I love this outfit. I’m calling this a sweater dress, on me it’s long enough to be, and it’s a really nice dark blue with gold and cowl neck with three gold buttons. It’s so soft and keeps me warm. I paired that with some black leggings that have a leather strip down the side and a pair of peep toe pumps that are embellished with little gems. Definitely one of my favorite pairs of heels, they add a little extra to any outfit.

That about wraps it up for this post, what are your fashion go-tos during winter?

Until next time, have fun planning your outfits and stay warm this winter :).



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