Racing in Indianapolis

Hi everyone,

This weeks race took us to Indianapolis, Indiana for the Chevrolet Performance US Nationals, the biggest race of the year and the last chance for those outside of the top ten to try and make their way in. And what a great race it was.

Starting with Top Fuel, the ladder looked like this; #1 Mike Salinas (3.75) vs #16 Wayne Newby (3.88), #2 Clay Millican (3.76) vs #15 Richie Crampton (3.84), #3 Antron Brown (3.77) vs #14 Brittany Force (3.83), #4 Scott Palmer (3.79) vs #13 Terry McMillen (3.83), #5 Steve Torrence (3.79) vs #12 Pat Dakin (3.83), #6 Leah Pritchett (3.79) vs #11 Doug Kalitta (3.82), #7 Tony Schumacher (3.80) vs #10 Billy Torrence (3.81) and #8 TJ Zizzo (3.81) vs #9 Blake Alexander (3.81). The winners and who they would face in the second round were Mike Salinas (4.22) and Blake Alexander (3.90), Terry McMillen (4.41) and Steve Torrence (3.83), Clay Millican (3.82) and Billy Torrence (3.83) and Antron Brown (3.83) and Doug Kalitta (3.88). The semifinals were Blake Alexander (3.89) vs Terry McMillen (3.96) and Billy Torrence (4.40) vs Doug Kalitta (4.08). The finals featured Terry McMillen (3.96) and the Amalie Motor Oil team and Doug Kalitta (3.94) and the Mac Tools team. With the winner being Terry McMillen (4.03). This is Terry’s first win of the season.

Next we have Funny Car, where the ladder looked like this; #1 JR Todd (3.91) vs #16 Jim Campbell (5.06), #2 Bob Tasca (3.92) vs #15 Bob Bode (4.66), #3 Matt Hagan (3.94) vs #14 Jonnie Lindberg (4.11), #4 Tommy Johnson Jr (3.94) vs #13 Ron Capps (4.09), #5 Tim Wilkerson (3.95) vs #12 Del Worsham (4.07), #6 Courtney Force (3.95) vs #11 Jack Beckman (4.01), #7 Shawn Langdon (3.96) vs #10 Cruz Pedregon (4.00) and #8 Robert Hight (4.00) vs #9 John Force (4.00). The winners and who they would face in the second round were JR Todd (3.99) and Robert Hight (3.98), Tommy Johnson Jr (4.10) and Tim Wilkerson (4.10), Bob Bode (4.17) and Shawn Langdon (4.05) and Matt Hagan (4.40) and Courtney Force (4.09). The semifinals were JR Todd (4.16) vs Tommy Johnson Jr (4.08) and Shawn Langdon (4.24) vs Matt Hagan (4.39). The finals featured JR Todd (4.04) and the DHL team and Matt Hagan (4.12) and the MOPAR team. With the winner being JR Todd (4.06). This is JR’s third win of the season.

Moving on we have Pro Stock, where the ladder looked like this; #1 Tanner Gray (6.60) vs #16 John Gaydosh (6.70), #2 Greg Anderson (6.61) vs #15 Steve Graham (6.68), #3 Bo Butner (6.62) vs #14 Kenny Delco (6.68), #4 Erica Enders (6.62) vs #13 Fernando Cuadra (6.65), #5 Chris McGaha (6.62) vs #12 Drew Skillman (6.64), #6 Deric Kramer (6.62) vs #11 Matt Hartford (6.64), #7 Jeg Coughlin (6.62) vs #10 Alex Laughlin (6.62) and #8 Vincent Nobile (6.62) vs #9 Jason Line (6.62). The winners and who they would face in the second round were Tanner Gray (6.63) and Jason Line (6.64), Erica Enders (6.66) and Drew Skillman (6.64), Greg Anderson (6.63) and Jeg Coughlin (6.65) and Bo Butner (6.63) and Matt Hartford (6.64). The semifinals were Tanner Gray (6.65) vs Drew Skillman (6.64) and Jeg Coughlin (6.64) vs Bo Butner (6.65). The finals featured Tanner Gray (6.65) and the Gray Motorsports team and Jeg Coughlin (6.65) and the JEGS team. With the winner being Tanner Gray (6.64). This is Tanner’s fifth win of the season.

And finally we have Pro Stock Motorcycle, where the ladder looked like this; #1 Matt Smith (6.81) vs #16 Jim Underdahl (6.94), #2 Hector Arana Jr (6.81) vs #15 Karen Stoffer (6.94), #3 Eddie Krawiec (6.82) vs #14 Jerry Savoie (6.94), #4 Chip Ellis (6.83) vs #13 Scotty Pollacheck (6.94), #5 LE Tonglet (6.84) vs #12 Ryan Oehler (6.94), #6 Andrew Hines (6.85) vs #11 Angelle Sampey (6.94), #7 Mark Paquette (6.89) vs #10 Joey Gladstone (6.93) and #8 Hector Arana (6.92) vs #9 Steve Johnson (6.93). The winners and who they would face in the second round were Jim Underdahl (6.96) and Steve Johnson (6.89), Chip Ellis (6.85) and LE Tonglet (6.85), Hector Arana Jr (6.84) and Mark Paquette (6.96) and Eddie Krawiec (6.85) and Andrew Hines (6.88). The semifinals were Steve Johnson (6.98) vs LE Tonglet (6.89) and Hector Arana Jr (6.87) vs Eddie Krawiec (6.90). The finals featured LE Tonglet (6.87) and the Nitro Fish team and Eddie Krawiec (6.87) and the Vance and Hines Harley Davidson team. With the winner being LE Tonglet (6.86). This is LE’s third win of the season.

All spots in the Countdown have been clinched and the top ten in each category looks like this:

Top Fuel: Steve Torrence, Clay Millican, Tony Schumacher, Leah Pritchett, Doug Kalitta, Terry McMillen, Antron Brown, Brittany Force, Mike Salinas, Scott Palmer

Funny Car: Courtney Force, Matt Hagan, Robert Hight, Ron Capps, JR Todd, Jack Beckman, Tommy Johnson Jr, Shawn Langdon, John Force, Tim Wilkerson

Pro Stock: Tanner Gray, Greg Anderson, Erica Enders, Jeg Coughlin, Vincent Nobile, Deric Kramer, Drew Skillman, Jason Line, Bo Butner, Chris McGaha

Pro Stock Motorcycle: Eddie Krawiec, Andrew Hines, LE Tonglet, Hector Arana Jr, Jerry Savoie, Matt Smith, Scotty Pollacheck, Steve Johnson, Angie Smith, Angelle Sampey

The next race will be the Dodge NHRA Nationals September 13-16 in Reading, Pennsylvania. The start of the Countdown.

Until next time, congrats to all the winners and I can’t wait for the next race :).


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