Summer reading list 2017

Hi everyone,

This week I wanted to talk about something I haven’t talked about in a while and that’s books and reading. Ever since I could read I’ve been a huge bookworm. I don’t have as much time to read as I used to but when I do get time I go all in. Basically I put together a list of books that I wanted to have for this summer and hopefully I could get around to reading at least two and if not I can always read them later and with so many amazing books out and coming out right now it was hard to choose. But I did manage to pick my top four. I will leave links down below for each book if you find yourself wanting a new read.

The first book is Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly. This book was turned into a movie, which I heard was absolutely amazing but I haven’t watched yet. I might just be a weirdo, but if I can help it I like to read the book first before watching the movie. But if you’re not familiar with either it’s about the untold story of the African American women who took part in some of NASA’s biggest successes. This is the book I’m currently reading, I started it on Saturday and I’m loving it so far. This is something I never knew about and being the history nerd that I am, I’m so fascinated by it.

The next book is also space related and it’s Astronaut Wives Club by Lily Koppel. Astronaut Wives Club is about the wives of the Mercury Seven astronauts and their lives. I think I was so intrigued by it because I didn’t think about what it would have been like to be an astronaut’s wife, especially back then. There were so many unknowns and it was a risk to go to space, or attempt to go to space and I think these women were extraordinarily strong. This book was turned into a show on ABC, with the same name, in 2015 and I loved it. I understand why it only was one season, but I wish it would’ve lasted longer.

The third book is Can I Speak to Someone in Charge by Emily Clarkson. This book actually just came out, but I can’t wait to read it. It’s about Emily essentially writing a series of open letters on various different topics. I’ve been reading her blog Pretty Normal Me for a while, and I think it’s great. She has great wit and she isn’t afraid to talk about anything. Her dad is Grand Tour presenter Jeremy Clarkson, who I love and find hilarious, and I find the two of them to be similar so if you like him definitely check her out.

And finally, this isn’t new, but one thing I’ve been wanting to do for a while is reread Harry Potter, so I bought this box set of all the Harry Potter books. It’s been absolute ages since I’ve sat down and read them and I’m excited to do so.

That about wraps it up for this post, if you guys are reading or have read any of these books let me know and let me know what’s on your reading list this summer.

Until next time, enjoy your books and happy reading :).


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