July Glam Bag unboxing

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I received my July Glam Bag from Ipsy and thought today would be the perfect day to go over it. This month’s theme is Ipsy Over Easy, basically lazy Sunday vibes. I have to say that this month’s bag may be the most adorable they’ve done.


I don’t normally talk in depth about the bags themselves, but this one is too cute not to. The mascot for Ipsy Over Easy is an incredibly chill egg named Gudetama. I think this is a great concept and applaud them for making the bag design 360, it’s adorable.



Moving on to actual products, the first is Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet. I actually used this last night and I’m a big fan. It smells amazing, it really sinks into your skin and it’s light. All things I appreciate.


The second product is the Ciate London Wonderwand Gel-Kohl Hybrid liner in Black. I really like Ciate London as a brand. I mostly buy their nail polishes, which are amazing if you’re looking for a new polish brand, but I’ve only ever heard good things about the rest of their products. What I like about the eyeliner is that it’s double ended. One side is the pencil and the other side is a smudging/blending brush.


Next we have Seraphine Botanicals Lychee + Gold blush. This blush is really pretty, it has ginger, lychee, mangosteen, and chamomile extracts that help give radiance and hydration. Color wise it’s a light pink with a gold shimmer and I can’t wait to wear it.


The second to last product is Winky Lux Double Matte Whip in Angel Food. Essentially a gorgeous nude. You guys know how much I love matte lipsticks, so I’m excited by this.



And lastly we have the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea deep dive cleansing gel. Tarte is one of my all time favorite brands and I think their Rainforest of the Sea is brilliant. This product in particular is for taking off your makeup and cleansing your face. I’m almost out of my current cleanser, so this is a product I will be trying within the next couple of days.


That about wraps it up for this post. If you guys got any of the same products in your July Glam Bag let me know and if not I’d love to know what you did get in your bag.

Until next time, enjoy your products and I can’t wait to see what I get next month :).


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3 thoughts on “July Glam Bag unboxing

  1. We got the same products! Haha. Loved this entry. I just found your blog today and I’m definitely following to keep up with the rest of your content. Looking forward to your future posts! I would love it you could stop by HaiPanda.org sometime!
    Mena | femmerewritten.com

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