Racing in Tennessee

Hi everyone,

This weeks race took us to Bristol, Tennessee for the NHRA Thunder Valley Nationals and what a great and emotional race it was.

Starting with Top Fuel, the ladder looked like this; #1 Steve Torrence (3.77) vs #16 Chris Karamesines (4.26), #2 Doug Kalitta (3.78) vs #15 Shawn Langdon (4.02), Langdon had a crazy explosion during qualifying and if you haven’t seen it definitely look it up, #3 Leah Pritchett (3.79) vs #14 Troy Coughlin Jr (4.01), #4 Clay Millican (3.81) vs #13 Kyle Wurtzel (3.95), #5 Brittany Force (3.81) vs #12 Terry McMillen (3.90), #6 Tony Schumacher (3.82) vs #11 Scott Palmer (3.88), #7 Antron Brown (3.83) vs #10 Pat Dakin (3.86) and #8 Kebin Kinsley (3.83) vs #9 Mike Salinas (3.85). The winners and who they would face in the second round were Steve Torrence (4.28) and Mike Salinas (3.85), Clay Millican (5.31) and Brittany Force (3.89), Shawn Langdon (4.18) and Antron Brown (3.95) and Leah Pritchett (4.37) and Scott Palmer (3.96). The semifinals were Steve Torrence (4.00) vs Clay Millican (4.01) and Shawn Langdon (4.25) vs Leah Pritchett (7.09). The finals featured Clay Millican (3.81) and the Parts Plus/ Great Clips team and Leah Pritchett (3.79) and the Papa John’s team. With the winner being Clay Millican (3.82). This is Clay’s first career win. I’ve been watching Clay race for many years, he’s one of the nicest people you could meet and to see him finally get that first win made me emotional, it was well deserved and I’m very happy for him.

Next we have Funny Car, where the ladder looked like this; #1 Tim Wilkerson (3.89) vs #16 Bob abide (8.36), #2 Robert Hight (3.91) vs #15 Jeff Diehl (7.63), #3 Matt Hagan (3.92) vs #14 Jim Campbell (4.99), #4 Courtney Force (3.95) vs #13 JR Todd (4.06), #5 Jack Beckman (3.95) vs #12 Cruz Pedregon (4.04), #6 John Force (3.98) vs #11 Del Worsham (4.04), #7 Alexis DeJoria (3.99) vs #10 Ron Capps (4.03) and #8 Tommy Johnson Jr (4.00) vs #9 Jonnie Lindberg (4.02). The winners and who they would face in the second round were Tim Wilkerson (4.36) and Tommy Johnson Jr (4.10), Courtney Force (4.13) and Jack Beckman (4.17), Robert Hight (3.98) and Ron Capps (4.10) and Matt Hagan (4.38) and John Force (4.13). The semifinals were  all Don Schumacher Racing, Tommy Johnson Jr (4.08) vs Jack Beckman (4.32) and Ron Capps (4.09) vs Matt Hagan (4.20). The finals featured Jack Beckman (4.00) and the Infinite Hero team and Ron Capps (4.04) and the NAPA Auto Parts team. With the winner being Ron Capps (4.05). This is Ron’s fifth win of the season.

And finally we have Pro Stock, where with 13 cars the ladder looked like this; #1 Jeg Coughlin (6.69), #2 Bo Butner (6.69) vs #13 Wally Stroupe (7.30), #3 Erica Enders (6.70) vs #12 Alan Prusiensky (6.78), #4 Greg Anderson (6.71) vs #11 Tanner Gray (6.77), #5 Jason Line (6.72) vs #10 Shane Gray (6.75), #6 Vincent Nobile (6.72) vs #9 Drew Skillman (6.75) and #7 Allen Johnson (6.73) vs #8 Alex Laughlin (6.74). The winners and who they would face in the second round were Jeg Coughlin (6.74) and Alex Laughlin (6.76), Tanner Gray (6.73) and Shane Gray (6.74), Bo Butner (6.71) and Erica Enders (6.74) and Vincent Nobile (6.75). The semifinals were Alex Laughlin (6.76) vs Tanner Gray (6.74) and Bo Butner (6.76) vs Erica Enders (6.76). The finals featured Alex Laughlin (6.76) and the Gas Monkey Energy team and Bo Butner (6.73) and the Jim Butner Auto team. With the winner being Alex Laughlin (6.71). This is Alex’s first win of the season.

The next race will be the Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals June 22-25 in Norwalk, Ohio.

Until next time, congrats to all the winners and I can’t wait for the next race :).


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