Three easy makeup looks and OOTD’s- Spring 2017

Hi everyone,

This week I wanted to do something I did last summer and really enjoyed. And that’s going through three of my recent outfits and makeup looks. I said that I may do one in the winter, but I totally forgot, and here we are. I went through my recent Instagram’s and picked the ones I liked best and I think the oldest is from April, so these are recent. And if you don’t follow me on Instagram, it will be below like always. So starting with the first one, this one is the one from April, so it was still a bit cold and rainy, and I wanted a fun look.



Starting with my face, after I did my morning routine and prepped it, I started with my foundation. I’m still using and still loving the L’Oreal true match super-blendable foundation and I’m the shade N2, Classic Ivory. For my concealer I use the matching true match concealer in N 1-2-3 Fair/ Light. Next I use the e.l.f. HD Powder in Sheer on my whole face and apply with an e.l.f. powder brush. As for bronzer I used the e.l.f. Blush Palette in light, as you can see I ran out of it in the original palette, so I did buy another one and I use an angled contour brush. And finally for blush I use the same e.l.f Blush Palette and I use the blush in the bottom left corner (palette on the right) with a big fluffy brush. And finally for my highlight I used the Manna Kadar 3 in 1 highlighter/ bronzer/ eyeshadow in Fantasy and to apply that I use the e.l.f. fan brush. If you don’t own a fan brush I definitely recommend getting one.


Moving on to eyes, for my shadow I used a Hikari Cream Pigment in Latte and a Bare Escentuals eyeshadow brush to apply and blend. In the  inner corner of my eye and under my eyebrow I used White Lie from the Too Faced Smokey Eye palette, then I used Maybelline Expert Wear in Velvet Black eyeliner. When it comes to my mascara I still use two, first I use the Maybelline The Falsies Volume Express, it has a slightly curved brush, which I love, then I use my eyelash curler and on top of that I use the Maybelline Great Lash Lots of Lashes. I’ve been using that on my bottom lashes as well. And finally I comb out my lashes making sure there’s no clumps. The second to last thing I do is fill in my brows. I brush them out, then with and angled brush I fill them in using Up in Smoke from the Too Faced Smokey Eye palette. It’s pretty much the perfect match for my brows, a nice ashy brown. And the last thing I do is my lips. For this look I used the NYX Butter Lipstick in Ripe Berry.  And I finished it with a top knot.

The second look is less of an OOTD, but I really like this look. In the interest of fair reporting I was wearing a Mariners shirt and blue skinny jeans.



For my face I used the same products, but changed my highlighter to the Urban Decay Afterglow 8 hour powder highlighter in Sin. This highlighter is amazing, I definitely recommend it.


For my eyes I used In a Flash from the Too Faced Smokey Eye palette and White Lie in the inner corner and under my eyebrow. The EM Cosmetics Illustrative Eyeliner with a brush tip, if you’re looking for a liquid eyeliner this is a great one. The Falsies and Great Lash for my mascara, Up in Smoke to fill in my brows and one of my favorite lipsticks, the Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Honeycomb. And a braided, side ponytail to finish.

And my last look is from Monday. The weather has been gorgeous lately, so I went with a summer dress. I forgot how much I like wearing summer dresses.



I pretty much kept my face as the last look for this one.


This look I like a lot, for my eyes I used both colors in the Jelly Pong Pong Supercharged Super Intense eyeshadow duo in Electric. I used the rose gold one as the base and blended in a tiny bit of the gold. In the inner corner and under my eyebrow I used the Hikari Cream Pigment in Honey Dew, it’s a gorgeous sparkly pink. Eyeliner was the EM Cosmetics Illustrative Eyeliner with a brush tip. The Falsies and Great Lash mascara. Up in Smoke to fill in my brows and finally for lips I used the Cake Makeup Lip Fondant in Low Key. And a top knot to finish off the look.

That about wraps it up for this post, I’ll probably do another one of these come summer because I really enjoy them.

Until next time, enjoy your looks and take as many OOTD pictures as possible :).


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Instagram: Kyra Sage

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