Racing in Indy- Traxxas Shootout edition

Hi everyone,

This weekend the NHRA is racing in Indianapolis, Indiana at the Chevrolet Performance US Nationals, aka the biggest race of the year. One of the things happening at the US Nationals for the Top Fuel and Funny Cars is their specialty race, the Traxxas Shootout. The Pro Stock cars are the K&N Horsepower Challenge, the Pro Stock Motorcycles have the Pro Bike Battle, so the nitro cars have the Shootout.

So, the Top Fuel cars ran on Saturday and the ladder looked like this; #1 Antron Brown vs the fan vote/lottery winner #8 Terry McMillen, #4 Brittany Force vs #5 Tony Schumacher, #2 Doug Kalitta vs #7 Leah Prichett, and #3 Steve Torrence vs #6 Shawn Langdon. Round 2 was an all DSR battle, Antron Brown (3.77) vs Tony Schumacher (3.77) and Leah Prichett (3.78) vs Shawn Langdon (3.75). The finals featured Tony Schumacher (3.73) and the US Army team vs Leah Prichett (3.74) and the Papa John’s team. With the winner being Tony Schumacher (3.71). Along with the trophy, Tony took home $100,000.

Next we have Funny Car, who ran Sunday and the ladder looked like this; #1 Ron Capps vs the fan vote/ lottery winner #8 John Force, #4 Robert Hight vs #5 Tommy Johnson Jr, #2 Courtney Force vs #7 Alexis DeJoria, this is Alexis’ first race since her injury and it’s great to have her back, and #3 Matt Hagan vs #6 Tim Wilkerson. The second round featured a scary moment to start it off. Ron Capps, who beat John Force with a nice 3.90, ended up on his roof in the sand. It was an emotional moment and I’m really glad he’s alright. If you didn’t see you can go to the NHRA’s YouTube channel and see the video. Because his car was damaged, he couldn’t come back to race Robert Hight (4.07). The other pair in the round was Courtney Force (3.91) vs Matt Hagan (3.88). The finals featured Robert Hight (4.01) and the Auto Club team and Courtney Force (3.92) and the Traxxas team. With the winner being Courtney Force (4.01). It was great to see Courtney win her sponsors event and she also takes home $100,000.

That wraps it up for this post, it’s been a crazy race already and I can’t wait to see what Monday and eliminations bring :).


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