Racing in Seattle

Hi everyone,

This week’s race took us to Seattle, Washington for the Protect the Harvest NHRA Northwest Nationals and the final stop on the Western Swing. This was a race full of incredibly fast runs, but it was also unique in the fact that it didn’t have any finals. It rained in the afternoon and by the time it stopped it would start again. So the Top Fuel and Funny Car finals will be raced during qualifying of the next race in Brainerd, Minnesota and the Pro Stock final will be raced during qualifying in Indy.

So, starting off with Top Fuel, the ladder looked like this; #1 Tony Schumacher (3.68) vs #16 Ron Smith (4.03), #2 Steve Torrence (3.70) vs #15 Scott Palmer (3.87), #3 JR Todd (3.70) vs #14 Troy Buff (3.82), #4 Antron Brown (3.71) vs #13 TJ Zizzo (3.79), #5 Clay Millican (3.72) vs #12 Terry McMillen (3.79), #6 Brittany Force (3.72) vs #11 Shawn Langdon (3.75), #7 Doug Kalitta (3.74) vs #10 Richie Crampton (3.74) and #8 Leah Prichett (3.74) vs #9 Morgan Lucas (3.74). The winners and who they would face in the second round were Tony Schumacher (3.70) and Morgan Lucas (3.72), Antron Brown (3.70) and Clay Millican (3.89), Steve Torrence (3.71) and Richie Crampton (3.69) and JR Todd (3.74) and Shawn Langdon (3.72). The semifinals were Morgan Lucas (3.70) vs Antron Brown (3.68) and Steve Torrence (3.69) vs JR Todd (3.69). The finals are Antron Brown (3.73) and the Matco Tools team and Steve Torrence (3.69) and the Capco team. Those who have clinched a spot in the Countdown are; Antron Brown, Doug Kalitta, Steve Torrence, Brittany Force, Tony Schumacher, and JR Todd.

Moving on, we have Funny Car where there is no possibility for a sweep by John Force and Del Worsham set the new national ET record with a 3.83. The ladder looked like this; #1 Del Worsham (3.83) vs #16 Tim Gibbons, #2 Ron Capps (3.84) vs #15 Brandon Welch (10.86), #3 Courtney Force (3.85) vs #14 Jeff Diehl (8.26). Speaking of Courtney Force, she hit the wall hard in the first round, similar to Alexis’ hit last week in Sonoma. But Courtney came out better without any broken bones, but lots of pain in her left elbow and right knee. In her case when and where she hit on the wall was able to move absorbing some of the impact unlike Alexis who made contact with a solid wall. I wish her a speedy recovery as she’s rehabbing in hopes of returning in time for the Brainerd race. Alexis also hopes to return in time for the Brainerd race. #4 Jack Beckman (3.86) vs #13 Gary Densham (4.03), #5 Matt Hagan (3.87) vs #12 John Hale (3.95), #6 Tim Wilkerson (3.87) vs #11 Cruz Pedregon (3.92), #7 John Force (3.89) vs #10 Tommy Johnson Jr (3.90) and #8 Chad Head (3.89) vs #9 Robert Hight (3.89). The winners and who they would face in the second round were Del Worsham (3.86) and Robert Hight (3.86), Jack Beckman (3.85) and Matt Hagan (3.86), Ron Capps (3.85) and Tommy Johnson Jr (3.88) and Jeff Diehl (4.93) and Cruz Pedregon (5.92). The semifinals were Del Worsham (3.88) vs Matt Hagan (3.90) and Ron Capps (3.86) vs Jeff Diehl (4.02). The finals are Del Worsham (3.86) and the DHL team and Ron Capps (3.89) and the NAPA Auto Parts team. Those who have clinched a spot in the Countdown are; Ron Capps, Courtney Force, Jack Beckman, Del Worsham, Matt Hagan, Robert Hight, and John Force.

And finally we have Pro Stock, where with 15 cars the ladder looked like this; #1 Vincent Nobile (6.52), #2 Bo Butner (6.53) vs #15 Alan Prusiensky (6.75), #3 Greg Anderson (6.54) vs #14 Aaron Strong (6.61). One of the big stories of the weekend is local racer, from Auburn, Washington, Aaron Strong. He really came out strong, no pun intended, and I have some serious local pride. #4 Jason Line (6.54) vs #13 Chris McGaha (6.61), #5 Allen Johnson (6.55) vs #12 Deric Kramer (6.59), #6 Alex Laughlin (6.55) vs #11 Erica Enders (6.57). That was the other big story, coming into the race Erica Enders was sitting outside the top ten and Alex Laughlin was sitting in the tenth position. #7 Jeg Coughlin (6.56) vs #10 Matt Hartford (6.56) and #8 Shane Gray (6.56) vs #9 Drew Skillman (6.56). The winners and who the would face in the second round were Vincent Nobile (6.53) and Shane Gray (6.56), Jason Line (6.55) and Allen Johnson (6.56), Bo Butner (6.54) and Jeg Coughlin (6.60) and Aaron Strong (6.65) and Erica Enders (6.58). Alex Laughlin is now sitting just outside the top ten and if he wants to make the Countdown he needs to go rounds and hope that Erica doesn’t. The semifinals were Vincent Nobile (6.54) vs Jason Line (6.54) and Bo Butner (6.56) vs Aaron Strong (6.60). The finals are Vincent Nobile (6.54) and the Mountain View Tire team and Aaron Strong (6.60) and the Strong Trucking team. In Pro Stock there has been no more drivers to clinch in the Countdown, only Jason Line, Greg Anderson and Bo Butner.

The race will be the Lucas Oil NHRA Nationals August 18-21 in Brainerd, Minnesota.

Until next time, congrats to all the winners, in this case future winners, and I can’t wait for the next race :).


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